Ella speaks out about MAFS UK ex JJ dating Katie Price

Ella is ‘fuming and feels betrayed’ over friend Katie Price’s relationship with MAFS ex JJ

JJ and Katie Price have just confirmed their relationship

MAFS UK star Ella Morgan is reportedly less than happy about finding out her ex from the show JJ is now dating her friend, Katie Price. Rumours have been circulating about JJ and Katie Price being a thing for a while now, and over the weekend the pair seemed to confirm the talk.

However, it’s been reported Ella is “fuming and feels betrayed” by the relationship, as she has recently become friends with Katie Price and believes she has “broken girl code” by now dating her ex.

A source told The Sun: “Ella is fuming and feels really betrayed by Katie for talking to her ex JJ. Ella and Katie have become friends over recent months, so it surprised her that Katie would do that. She doesn’t have any feelings for JJ, she’s just livid that Katie went behind her back and broke girl code.”

Ella and JJ had a winding journey on MAFS UK together last year, as they were both paired with and married other people, before a cheating scandal saw them trying to make things work together. However, by the end of the show they agreed they were better off as mates.

Now, JJ and Katie Price have confirmed their relationship over the weekend, when they were seen cosying up together at Bobby’s Bar in Newcastle. Onlookers spotted them holding hands and kissing at the intimate venue, and last week JJ was seen supporting Katie at one of her pantomime shows.

A source previously told The Sun: “They’ve met a few times and are texting each other constantly. She’s [Katie] really into him – this is the first man she’s actually been interested in since Carl.”


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