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The MAFS UK cast are still fighting as Georges says Luke and Jordan show ‘a lack of class’

It’s been over two months, let it be

Despite the fact the show ended more than two months ago, the cast of MAFS UK are still fighting each other and throwing major shade.

In the latest instalment of drama, Georges has thrown some choice descriptive words at Jordan and Luke, as well as revealing how many of the cast he thought were only doing MAFS UK for followers and fame.

In an interview with FUBAR Radio Georges slammed Luke and Jordan for their behaviour both on and off the show, revealing that he thought they showed a “lack of class and a lack of intelligence.”

He explained: “Luke and Jordan do not get on. Unless they’ve spoken and said, “every time we see each other we have to cuss each other and throw drinks at each other”. They went to an event recently and they threw drinks on each other. That’s quite embarrassing as an adult. For me, if you’re doing that it shows a real lack of class and a real lack of intelligence.”

Georges explained how he was almost involved in the brawl that got Luke removed from the show. He said: “I don’t think the feud was fake. How it actually went on the night was Luke got up and was told he had to go to the hospital because he had a health condition. When he came back the dinner party had happened and Jay asked what Luke actually said at the boy’s day the day before. And I told her, and Erica and Jordan agreed.

“Fast forward, I get told by the welfare team not to tell Luke that it was me, because he was asking me and I was told to leave the room. He actually wanted to confront me because I was two doors down from him, but they asked him to go down to Jordan first.”

Georges also gave his opinion on which members of the MAFS UK cast went on the show for fame. He explained: “I would say 75 per cent of the cast went on for exactly that. I’m being dead honest. I think way too many people went on it for the wrong reasons.

“I won’t give you names but I’ll give you names of who I know were there for the right reasons. I would say, Thomas, Jay, Rozz, Peggy, and myself obviously. I would say they’re the only five. Everyone else, I really really do think they were there for the wrong reasons.”

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