Brother of MAFS UK star Luke Worley is jailed drug dealer Sam Migliorini

So, MAFS UK star Luke’s brother is in jail because he had £3m of drugs in his car?!

Luke says his brother and ‘a few mates on his wing’ were ‘hooked on Married at First Sight’ in prison

Luke Worley from the latest season of MAFS UK’s brother was previously jailed after he was found with £3million worth of drugs in his car, it’s been reported. Luke has commented on what happened, and said it was a “betrayal” to the family.

Sam Migliorini was jailed in 2020, after he was pulled over on the M25 with the cocaine haul hidden in a secret compartment in the boot of his Smart car. He had been driving on the motorway on October of that year, when police pulled him over as part of a proactive operation.

He plead guilty to possession of a Class A drug with intent to supply and was sentenced to eight years. The stash included blocks of cocaine labelled “C.E.N.G – el Ecuador Nueva Generacion”, which is said to be one of the most violent drug cartels in Mexico. Police also raided Migliorini’s home, and found £15k in cash.

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Luke is Sam’s half brother, and Luke told Mail Online: “I didn’t even have an inkling that he was involved with drugs, and I felt really close to him. I was gutted. It was a betrayal. I wish he had told me and opened up if he was struggling but I felt for him because he must have felt it was a last resort.

“I was having to deal with the unknown, I had never known anyone going to prison and it was obviously my brother… It was all grief, grief, grief.”

The men share a mother, and grew up together in Essex. According to reports, Migliorini watched his brother Luke get married to Jay on MAFS whilst locked up in HM Prison Standford Hill.

Brother of MAFS UK star Luke Worley is jailed drug dealer Sam Migliorini

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Luke said he told Jay of his brother’s case, and added: “If Jay was going to be in my life forever, then that’s something I needed to tell her… that my brother is in prison and what he did, especially a family member as close as Sam. He has a few mates on his wing in prison and everyone was hooked on Married at First Sight. They were hooked!”

The brothers were also granted Christmas together, when Migliorini was given day release to spend it with his family.

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