MAFS UK reunion

EXPLOSIVE rows and an actual proposal: Here’s what we can expect from the MAFS UK reunion

One cast member has said they’re ‘dreading’ watching it


The teaser for the MAFS UK reunion has been released, and it looks absolutely explosive. All of the cast will be face to face once again, apart from nine members of the MAFS UK cast who declined to attend the reunion.

So, what will the MAFS UK reunion have in store for us? Let’s find out!

Paul proposes to Tasha

Via Channel 4

UMM?????! Could Paul and Tasha actually be getting married again after this reunion? In the clip, Paul is seen getting a ring box out of his pocket and saying: “Tasha, I want to commit my future to you for the rest of my life.” The rest of the MAFS UK cast look in shock, and so am I! Rooting for an MAFS UK engagement.

Georges reveals he and Peggy have had sex

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Yeah, so there’s no doubt that the reunion might be an awkward watch for Peggy and Georges now the two are no longer together and are involved in somewhat of a messy split.

But in the reunion episode, Georges shares with Paul that he and Peggy have finally had sex, but since the split, the MAFS UK groom has admitted they only had sex “six times” in their relationship.

Shona and Matt share their relationship with the rest of the MAFS cast

The last time we saw Matt was at the previous MAFS UK reunion which is actually where he met Shona. And in this reunion, the two are able to tell the rest of the cast about their relationship with Shona commenting: “A hell of a lot has happened since you last saw me.”

Erica and Jordan have a fiery row

Via Channel 4

Erica and Jordan seem more loved up than ever and had a romantic Valentine’s Day together, but they’re seen coming to blows in the reunion episode.

Erica is seen screaming at Jordan: “If you want to resolve it, talk to me and resolve it.” Jordan then shouted back: “I was talking to you and then Adrienne interrupted us.”

Jay then furiously shouted: “She’s embarrassed of you!”

And it looks like Erica might not even watch the reunion episode, and speaking to The Mirror Erica said: “I don’t think I’ll even watch the reunion episode. I don’t think I’ll be able to watch it, I think MAFS has had its moment for me.

“I don’t want to relive that again, it was hard reliving the show while it was on. I say I won’t watch it but I definitely will but I’m dreading it.”

That results in Erica storming out

After their argument, Erica storms out of the MAFS UK reunion, before eventually returning to the table. She says to the camera: “I am furious. Honestly, at this point, I have no idea how we’re going to move forward from this.”

Rozz breaks down in tears

Via Channel 4

And it’s all too much for poor Rozz who is seen crying with her head in her hands saying “I just can’t cope.”

Jordan gets incredibly drunk

In an interview with FUBAR Radio Tasha revealed that MAFS UK Jordan was “the drunkest” whilst filming the reunion episode. She said: “Oh God, Jordan! Awful! He was awful! It was embarrassing, I’m not going to lie. God what didn’t he do? I don’t know what they’re going to put in but we’ll soon find out.

“We’ve all just been thinking what did we say when we were doing that? We can’t remember because this was filmed a while ago. What actually kicked off? And then when you start thinking about it you go ‘oh god maybe we shouldn’t have said that’. You forget that it’s going on telly. There was a lot of slurring.”

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