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Georges SLAMS Peggy branding her a ‘calculated manipulator’ revealing real reason for split

Georges thinks Peggy ended the relationship to appear on TOWIE

Georges has slammed Peggy calling her his MAFS UK ex a “calculated manipulator” who made him “lose his spark, and has revealed the real reason for their breakup.

The two were supposed to put out a joint statement

MAFS groom Georges explained how he and Peggy were supposed to put out a joint statement: “We said we were going to do it together. The next thing I know she’s putting out a statement on Valentine’s Day, on purpose. It’s obvious she has done that on purpose. It is calculated.

“I sent her flowers, a card and balloons for Valentine’s… I checked my letterbox yesterday and I got nothing.”

Georges told Peggy he needed space after MAFS but didn’t plan on ending the relationship

Georges said: “Mentally, I have been struggling a lot recently. When I say a lot, I mean more than I have ever struggled before in my life and that’s down to lack of routine, income, clients… all around struggling with making ends meet and I have been burning through my savings.

“Peggy realised that something wasn’t right and when we got back from Paris, we spoke on January 30, and she asked whether everything was okay with us. I have never been so confused in my life, I wasn’t sure if it was our relationship, me or just life, I couldn’t put my finger on it.

“I sent her such a long message I was weeping with tears, and I don’t usually do that… I knew we had broken up because of how the conversation went.

“No one ended anything, we didn’t say, this is over, just the way the conversation went on the phone, it seemed like it was over. I never wanted to dump her. I am such an optimist in life because until it’s over, I never think it is. I told her, I don’t want this to end, I just needed some time and space because I’m not very well mentally and I’m not happy.'”

The ‘lack of effort’ from Peggy left Georges feeling he’d ‘lost his spark’ since appearing on MAFS UK

He said: “I never saw her. We came back from Paris for her birthday, and I didn’t see her for two weeks. She has only been to my place three times since the end of the show in May. I have to go to hers or we have to get a hotel. She never, ever came to mine.

“I get it… she’s probably used to men with apartments in Chelsea that earn six-figures, but I do have a nice place…

“I was in a relationship with somebody that didn’t actually want to spend time with me. I always asked her “When do you want to see me?” She never asked me when I was free or said at the last minute, “I’m free all evening, let’s do something.

“I’m now not looking at this relationship through rose tinted glasses. I see gas lighter, narcissist, I see some really bad things. How have I been blinded by this? I feel like I’m so much fun and I have lost my spark.”

Georges fears Peggy ended the relationship so she can join TOWIE

Georges thinks Peggy might have split from him so she could appear on TOWIE after her MAFS UK success: “TOWIE really wants her. She turned them down because she was in a relationship with me because they want her single… but I’m pretty sure she will be on their books now. She lives in Kent and hangs out with all of that lot.”

Peggy made Georges feel ‘insecure’ and the two only had sex ‘six times’

He said: “We had sex maybe six times. She made me feel insecure. I have never been able to express myself sexually with her. I have always felt like, if I do that, she might then stop… or say she doesn’t like anything like that. I absolutely adore her, I do, but it’s been so tough because she’s so judgmental towards the things that I do.”

And he thinks she’ll blame the streaming for the relationship ending

Georges said: “She will blame the streaming… she says it’s my love and passion, but I cancelled streams and would give her so much notice to see each other.

“I was the only one that wanted to make things better. Peggy doesn’t take accountability or ownership for her actions, she points and blames, she gaslights and she manipulates.”

And he claims she ‘paid for nothing during their relationship’

Georges said: “Right now, I’m really tight for cash. She paid for nothing when we were together. I can’t afford it… I’ve had no income since May. I told her, I don’t have all the money in the world. We went to Paris for her birthday a month ago, and I spent £1,000 in three days.

“There was one night when we celebrated Arthur’s birthday and she told me to book a hotel, saying we never stay in hotels, so I booked one, I drove, paid for parking, drinks, I spent over £500 and she didn’t stay in the hotel with me.

“She went home saying she wasn’t feeling well after she insisted on me paying for a hotel… She honestly never offered to pay for anything.”

A spokesperson for Peggy said she tried to handle the situation ‘amicably’

A spokesperson for Peggy said: “After Georges expressed his desire to end his relationship with Peggy, she made every effort to handle the situation amicably and comply with his wishes.

“She requested that they issue a joint statement, and she has been persistently asking him to do so for the past two weeks, despite his continuous disregard for her request.

“It should be noted that she had no intentions of selling her story, and instead opted to release her own statement.”

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