Harry Styles

Lads lads lads, Harry Styles has entered his football fan era and everybody’s freaking out

And just like that I support Man United

As if we haven’t had enough celebrity moments at sporting events after the Super Bowl last Sunday, Harry Styles sent the internet into pandemonium over the weekend when he unexpectedly popped up at the Manchester United v Luton game at Kenilworth Road on Sunday

Long-standing One Direction fans will know Harry has supported Man U for years and even posted pictures in a shirt given to him by Rio Ferdinand back in his long-haired era. But there was something different about his overall aura as he sauntered into Kenilworth Road: His hair had grown back from his bald look buzzcut, his stride was proud: “Oh the real King of brits is back. Charles count your days,” joked one fan on X/Twitter.

Obviously, the absolute joy of Harry being at a footie game (aside from the seriously hot collared shirt and duster coat fit) was the fact we could watch the minutiae of his interactions – a spectator sport usually reserved for awards ceremonies only.

One particular highlight was the moment a pack of mints was thrown into the stand where he was sitting and Harry gave a semi Oscar-worthy performance acting like he had no interest in the Trebors— until they were passed to him: “Acting like he doesn’t care about the mints until he gets one,” analysed one fan on Twitter/X. “What a loser.” He’s just like us, for real.

Before the game started, Harry was inevitably called into the pundits box to meet the Sky Sports presenters, Gary NevilleJamie Redknapp, Curtis Davies and Tom Lockyer, who were not playing it cool even slightly: “I’ve never seen Jamie Redknapp move so fast out of his chair to get his selfie!” they joked, looking back on the footage. 

And, of course, absolutely none of us were playing it cool at home either. Just like when Taylor comes on screen at a Chiefs game, boyfriends have started recording their girlfriend’s reactions as they oggle at Harry and his new football fan alter ego. “I don’t think she’s ever looked at me like that,” one guy complained:

But, with the short back and sides, the crisp iron shirt, the huge gold ring and the pensive stare— there is much to marvel at. A new Harry hooligan era is upon us. Maybe he’ll chuck a pint in the air and swing his shirt around his head next? Well, if Man U manage to get a bit higher than sixth in the Premier League table x

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Featured image credit via Sky Sport