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Who was Justin Eely? The story behind One Day’s mystery dedication

The final episode is in memory of him

The new adaptation of One Day has just dropped on Netflix and the story of Emma and Dexter’s winding romantic entanglement across decades has once again got us all in a chokehold. Leo Woodall has never looked sexier and the luxe filming locations will have you booking flights to Greece from your sofa.

One Day is an adaptation of the book by David Nicholls and, set from 1988 to 2007, follows Dexter and Emma who meet on their last night of uni. It shows them on the same day, the 15th July, every year for nearly two decades. And in Netflix’s final episode the show dedicates the last instalment to Justin Eely, so here’s everything you need to know about who he is:

Ok so, who is Justin Eely and why is the last episode of One Day dedicated to him?

Conocé al reparto de One Day, la serie británica de Netflix

Credit: Netflix

Justin Eely was a finishing editor who worked on One Day and previously had been involved in loads of other shows we all love like Sherlock, Killing Eve and The Crown. He’d been working in the TV and film industry for more than two decades (according to his IMDb) and had credits on more than 100 different productions.

Finishing direction basically means Justin would have had the responsibility of making edits to final parts of a series before it’s released – a huge role, which could change the vibe of a well-loved show completely. His former employer, Celebration Studios, has said he was someone who “anyone would want on their team” and loved “the process of collaborating with the many creative people who visit his edit suite during the finishing phase of their shows.”

It hasn’t been publicised how Justin passed away. However, from his social media profiles, he appears to have died within the last six months. Justin left behind an eight-year-old daughter and a partner.

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