Viral TikTok riddle

This ‘woman in a boat’ riddle is going viral on TikTok for scrambling everyone’s heads

Not the picture of Einstein on there just to rub it in

Each and every week we’re plagued by yet another riddle or optical illusion that will have your head spinning for hours or make you think whether that cheeky £27 grand you spent on a degree was actually worth it. This one’s all about a woman in a boat and was chasing absolute CHAOS on a TikTok live this morning with everyone arguing over what the answer was.

So, what is the viral TikTok riddle?

Viral TikTok riddle

The riddle reads: “There’s a woman in a boat. On a lake wearing a coat. If you want to know her name, it’s on the riddle I just wrote. What is the woman’s name.” It’s accompanied by a nice illustration of Einstein, you know just to make you feel even more stupid when you’ve been sat staring at it for 15 minutes resisting the urge to Google the answer.

Apparently, the answer of the woman’s name is in the riddle and my brain is hurting just trying to find it. But if you’re stuck and in need of a clue, the woman’s name is not a common one that you might hear in everyday life. Tbh it doesn’t really sound like a name.

Okay so, if you just couldn’t get it or you want to check if you’re right and prove you’re smarter than everyone, the answer is below.

Spoiler alert: Stop scrolling if you don’t want the answer revealed

The woman’s name is “there”. I’m sorry, WHAT?? Imagine how pissed you’d be at your parents if they named you there??

The riddle says “there is a woman” which is just a play on words suggesting that her name is “there”. If you swapped the name out for a basic one, like Emily, it would read: “Emily is a woman in a boat.”

Viral TikTok riddle

At first, I thought her name was gonna be “what” as there is no question mark in the last sentence but it looks like that’s just to throw you off the sent.

Nothing like a viral TikTok riddle to make you feel a little bit dim!

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