The Traitors optical illusion

Prove you’re a faithful by solving this The Traitors optical illusion in under 20 seconds

This fixed the Claudia Winkleman shaped hole in my life x

The Traitors UK season two finished last week and ever since there’s been a Claudia Winkleman-shaped hole in my life. I don’t think I’ll ever get “But Ross is” or Diane lying in that coffin out of my brain.

So if you’re having withdrawals from literally the best reality show on telly and want to prove you’re a Traitors superfan, have a look at this The Traitors-themed optical illusion.

So are you a Harry? The guy who managed to pull the wool over literally everyone’s eyes and take home the money? Or are you more of a Mollie who can’t spot the clues right in front of them? And which one would be more likely to solve this optical illusion in under 20 seconds?

So, can you spot the six differences between these two pictures of Claudia in this The Traitors optical illusion?

The Traitors optical illusion

Via BBC and The Tab

There are six differences between the two pictures in total and some of them are a lot easier to spot than others. If you’re feeling stuck or just want to check if you got them all right, the answers are below.

Spoiler alert! Stop scrolling unless you want this The Traitors optical illusion spoiled

The differences are:

• The green ornaments are missing from the background

• The Traitors logo on the book

• Claudia’s brand new snake finger tattoo

• The ring is missing from her hand

• Claudia has green nail polish on one hand

• The book on the shelf is green on the left and red on the right.

The Traitors optical illusion

Via BBC and The Tab

Did you get it in time? If so, you can guarantee you’d be going home from the Scottish castle with that prize money in hand.

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Featured image before edits via BBC.