Spotify Wrapped basic

Tell us what’s on your Spotify Wrapped and we’ll tell you how embarrassingly basic you are

If I see any songs by Drake, it’s bad news

Spotify Wrapped 2023 is finally here, and if you’re too mortified to share your results publicly with the world – how about share them with me? We’re all friends here. And what are friends, if not honest? It’s time for you to confess your sins and reveal to me, and the world if you then choose, how basic your Spotify Wrapped is for 2023. Look, no one’s perfect. I’m not perfect. I came out of this with 40 per cent basic and I own my shit! But if you’ve been streaming nothing but Taylor Swift, Harry Styles and Miley Cyrus – I fear your day of reckoning is here. Prepare to face your sentencing.

It’s been a huge year for those of us living a basic music life. If you’re a Taylor Swift loyalist, you got two Taylor’s Version albums, the dregs of the Midnights era and a full tour setlist to gobble up and dominate your streaming habits. If you think you’re indie but actually, if we’re being real, you’re dead mainstream – you got to be annoying with albums from Lana Del Rey, Caroline Polachek and boygenius. And if you’re truly stuck in the 2010s, you were one of the people who got Arctic Monkeys to emerge as one of the top five most streamed albums of the year with AM – a record that came out nearly a decade ago. So how basic are you according to your Spotify habits? Find out below, baby.

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