Spotify Wrapped results are in! The UK’s most streamed artists, songs and albums for 2023

To the surprise of literally no one, we love Taylor Swift

Spotify Wrapped 2023 is here, and with the stats we all live to see the streaming service has also released the data for the most streamed songs, artists and albums in the UK. This is always a fascinating look over the streaming habits that have defined the year, and the results are in for 2023. Here’s a rundown of the most streamed artists, songs and albums for Spotify Wrapped 2023 in the UK.


1. Taylor Swift

Not a shocked face in the house seeing this one. Taylor Swift is literally the biggest artist on the planet and she’s had one of the biggest years of her career. She released the record-breaking Midnights towards the end of 2022, with the expanded 3AM edition dropping in 2023. She’s also released two Taylor’s Versions for hugely popular albums Speak Now and 1989. She’s embarked on the Eras Tour, keeping her name literally everywhere and she’s began an instantly viral relationship with Travis Kielce (and had a controversial fling with The 1975’s Matty Healy). And Cruel Summer got to number one. Of course it’s Taylor Swift.

2. Drake

Drake is on heavy rotation at all times in the UK, so this isn’t too wild. It’s pretty crazy that he got to second place considering his album For All The Dogs didn’t come out until October 2023, which is when Spotify Wrapped finishes up counting for their release of data.

3. The Weeknd

My king. Dare I say the greatest male pop star on the planet? Random that he’s managed to get to number three after a dodgy year with The Idol but Die For You went viral on TikTok and he released an Ariana feature mix, so guess that helped a lot. Also, Popular with Madonna and Playboi Carti slaps.

4. Arctic Monkeys

If there’s one thing about the UK, it is that we will be STANNING the Arctic Monkeys until the end of time. Indie sleaze romanticisation will never die.

5. Ed Sheeran

When will we be free?


1. Dave and Central Cee – Sprinter

Very deserved, gotta say. Amazing combo of that distinctively UK rap style from two heavyweights of the genre over a delicious latin guitar. Number one for 10 weeks – the longest running UK rap tune at the top spot ever.

2. Miley Cyrus – Flowers

An inescapable behemoth, for some reason. I love Miley Cyrus but this song is so utterly boring I am gobsmacked it had this chokehold over the UK public for so long. Not shocked it’s made it to Spotify Wrapped UK 2023, shocked it ever endured for so long in the first place.

3. SZA – Kill Bill

Great song, great video – but what else could it be when its themed after the greatest film in history? Defined the early half of 2023 with good reason.

4. PinkPantheress and Ice Spice – Boy’s a liar Pt. 2

Should be number one! END OF! An immaculate tune.

5. Raye and 070 Shake – Escapism.

If we’re picking Raye songs to make the cut, we all know it should be Prada! But I’m super happy she’s had her big independent commercial success after escaping her label. Escapism was everywhere this year – and it won the Popjustice Twenty Quid music prize this year too.


1. Taylor Swift – Midnights

Spotify Wrapped UK 2023

A truly monstrously massive album. If this top spot was anything other than Midnights, I’d have been gobsmacked. A behemoth.

2. SZA – SOS

Deserved I fear. Released at the tail end of 2022, SZA spent the first half of this year dominating. It was such an anticipated album – her first in five years. We gobbled it up.

3. Harry Styles – Harry’s House

Spotify Wrapped 2023 UK

A huge album for a huge pop star. The Harry’s House tour helped keep his best work in the top five most streamed albums in the UK, according to Spotify Wrapped 2023. As It Was… BANGER. And I must be the only Cinema stan.

4. Arctic Monkeys – AM

How on earth this nine year old admittedly amazing album is in the top five of 2023 is beyond me. Such is the power of our national embracing of Alex Turner and co, I guess. Full of bangers – but I reckon their tour this year amped up the streams.

5. Taylor Swift – Lover

Everyone say thank you to sleeper number one hit Cruel Summer!

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