Spotify Wrapped Me in 23 Sound Town

Here’s what the new Me in 23 and Sound Town features on Spotify Wrapped actually mean

If I get a lame Sound Town, do not speak to me

Every year for Spotify Wrapped, the streaming service adds a couple of unique features as well as the usual stats we know and love. Last year, we got our Listening Personality – I was ‘The Adventurer’. This year, there’s two new unique features added to Spotify Wrapped – so here is what the Me in 23 and the Sound Town additions tell you about your listening habits.

What is Me in 23 on Spotify Wrapped 2023?

Me in 23 is a new feature on Spotify Wrapped, along with Sound Town. This one is quite similar to Listening Personality from 2022, but expanded upon with 12 options for listeners to be assigned. Me in 23 celebrates a habit you have when using Spotify. For example, if you get The Shapeshifter, it means you move on from artists quickly and on to another. If you get The Luminary, you play more upbeat music than most. If you get The Alchemist, you make more playlists than the average user.

What is Sound Town on Spotify Wrapped 2023?

Sound Town is another new feature, and will see the Wrapped give you a city in the world that matches your listening habits and what artists you share in affinity. Like, you know when you scroll down an artist on Spotify and see the five cities where they’re streamed the most? Kind of like that. Spotify says “Listening habits are shared in surprising ways across communities around the world, and 2023 Wrapped celebrates that.

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