Erm, so alien corpses found on earth apparently have 30 per cent DNA of ‘unknown species’

Scientists have confirmed they’re ‘definitely not human’

So, because 2023 couldn’t get any weirder, the alien corpses that were found in Peru earlier this year have been found to have 30 per cent DNA of unknown species.

The supposed alien corpses were extracted from Cusco, Peru by Jamie Maussan, ufologist and journalist in the summer but have just been DNA tested to find they are “definitely not human”.

Some people have said this is proof that aliens might be real.

The ufologist said the tests show that 30 per cent of the DNA is “not from any known species” which was confirmed by Mexican researchers who said the mummies were “real.”

Jamie Maussan said: “This is the first time extraterrestrial life has been presented in this manner. We have a clear example of non-human specimens unrelated to any known species on our planet. The public has the right to know about non-human technology and beings. This reality unites humanity rather than dividing us. We are not alone in this vast universe; we should embrace this truth.

“These specimens do not belong to our terrestrial evolution. They were not creatures discovered after a UFO crash. Instead, they were found in diatom mines and later transformed into fossilised mummies.”

Ufologist Will Galison, who has seen the “aliens” up close, claims that people should be far more worried about them than we actually are.

Live action E.T. coming next year??

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