Libby Mae TikTok drama

Right, so what’s all the new Libby Mae TikTok drama and why is everyone raging at her right now?

She filmed herself necking a boy in a pool in Jamaica – and some people are raging

So, what is actually going on with TikToker Libby Mae right now and why are some people annoyed at her?

Libby Mae is a 21-year-old British TikToker probably best known for her lip-syncing vids and just general chaos and drama. She currently has 2.9 million followers and over 330.2 million likes on TikTok.

She became TikTok famous after the world got thoroughly invested in her relationship drama with Katylee which established her as a TikTok queer icon.

But now Libby Mae is involved in more TikTok drama and some people are really annoyed with her after she posted a video of her properly snogging a boy in a pool in Jamaica.

So what is all the Libby Mae drama on TikTok right now and why are people so annoyed at her?

Libby Mae is currently on holiday with her mum in Jamaica where she met a boy. And all the so-called drama started after she posted a video of her snogging a boy in a swimming pool:

The video now has 1.2 million likes and people in the comments are very confused. One comment reads: “I miss the person I was before this” and another person added: “I BEG YOUR FINEST PARDON”.

In another video, she talks about how she’s in love with the boy and how they plan to get married and have kids. She said: “I have been kissing a boy for the last hour at this pool party. I’m in Jamaica with my mum and I think I’m in love with this boy. I’m gay but I think I’m in love with this boy. And I’m not even joking but I’ve been kissing this boy in front of my mum.

“I ended up telling him I was gay but now I plan to have babies with him and go to meet him.”

But people have been calling her out for all her recent videos about her Jamaican hol. One TikTok posted by @elliematthews says: “This Libby Mae situation is the reason why people think they can ‘turn lesbians straight’ and ‘being gay is a phase'” with a comment on the video reading: “It’s so hard being LGBTQ+ as it is and Libby Mae is making us feel like a joke.”

Another similar TikTok, now with over 25k likes reads: “What Libby Mae is doing with that lad is exactly why men and boys think it’s acceptable to say ‘I could turn you’ to lesbians.”

Whereas another person just straight up asked someone to take her phone off her:

TikToker @demye_ also shared a similar view and posted a video captioned: “Libby Mae’s content is literally so strange?? No wonder loads of men think they can turn lesbians straight or don’t take it serious, weird vibes. And has she ever heard of bisexual??”


you dont get TURNED BACK straight ya radgie

♬ Runaway – Kanye West

Since the original video of her kissing the boy who she keeps comparing to wrapper Matty B Wraps, Libby Mae has posted around 20 videos talking about their new relationship and plans to marry the new boy.

Libby Mae has been contacted for comment. 

Featured image via TikTok. 

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