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Right, aliens are apparently ‘real’ so here’s a quick rundown of what’s actually going on

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As if 2023 hasn’t been bizarre enough, on Wednesday a former intelligence officer whistleblower, David Grusch sat (under oath) in front of the US government and claimed aliens were real. Yes, you read that right. David claimed the US were in possession of UFOs and non-human biologics. Life is, apparently, out there.

Former navy fighter pilot Ryan Graves also testified, saying: “These objects were staying completely stationary in Category four hurricane winds. These same objects would then accelerate to supersonic speeds.” What. Is. Going. ON.

The US initially held the trial as they acknowledged the “anomalous phenomena” could be a national security threat. But the hearing produced no bombshell evidence or absolute confirmation of alien life – despite the witnesses’ claims. But the fact the alien witnesses were given a major hearing in front of congress in the first place is significant and bizarre.

Obviously, this possibility of alien life threw up a lot of questions from the internet: Why are they only in the US (they’ve been “seen” elsewhere but only American congress have given the sightings the time of day) and why haven’t they come down to earth if they’re nearby? (They’re shy!).

But the alien evidence has also thrown up a lot of apathy— mostly, we really don’t care. If they want to come and hang out, cool. But we can’t handle any more drama right now:

Just found out aliens are real but I dont even care. like ok i still have work in the morning,” wrote one person on Twitter. “It’s cool that aliens are real and all but what the fuck am i supposed to do about that,” added another. “The government trying to tell us aliens are real like we not dealing with depression, climate change, student loans & inflation. Girl,” pointed out a third.

According to TIME, David said he believed the US government has unidentified aerial phenomena (UAPs) based on his interviews with 40 witnesses over four years. But the Pentagon has denied David’s claims about retrieving any alien crash debris. So, it’s essentially his word against theirs until an extra terrestrial gets in touch.

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