Big Brother MAFS UK final week

MAFS UK and Big Brother prove it: Why can’t reality shows make a good final week of TV?

Both of these should be reaching their peak of drama, but I’ve never been more bored

It has been a nightly struggle for over a month now on whether to sit and watch Big Brother first or MAFS UK. I mean, if I’m honest, since Big Brother returned I have exclusively chosen to watch that first and then MAFS UK, but I can understand the pros and cons for dabbling in either first. It’s been a good few months for TV – and both shows have hit headlines, had a lot of drama and generally just been pretty riotous viewing for fans of the format. This season of MAFS UK has admittedly drained me, but in the middle of it all there were a few episodes of genuinely entertaining, riotous chaos. Big Brother has been excellent across the board, besides some crap eviction decisions that has left the final week lacking. Both Big Brother and MAFS UK are proving it – why can’t reality TV shows wrap up with a satisfying final week?

Let’s kick off with MAFS UK – the ultimate show of filler. This show is obsessed with filling episodes with 10 minutes of interest, 50 minutes of nonsense. How many more times can we watch Peggy say the exact same thing? The limit does not exist. For the final week, we have to endure the couples taking their final vows. Not content with condensing this into just the vows, we must endure these decisions spread out across two episodes. Last night, we only saw TWO couples make their final decision. A full hour for two couples – the third being left on a cliffhanger. Do they think we are thick? Last night I elected to watch Big Brother first, and thank god I did – because thanks to the majesty of Sky+ I managed to condense a bloated and tedious episode of MAFS UK from an hour and 10 into 17 minutes.

Why this show has chosen to end its chaotic experiment on shots of the couples moping about walking slowly to each other in various woodland settings is beyond me. The producers choose chaos at every possibly opportunity, except for the final week. Why don’t they renew their vows and make their choices in front of the whole cast for a bit of drama? Get everyone back for a big final decision.

On the complete other end of the spectrum, Big Brother is giving me sensory overload. ITV has decided to throw every twist on this earth at the wall with mere days to go. Actual llamas in the garden, a tidal wave of balls cascading down the stairs, foam, school tasks, fake evictions, face to face nominations, secret spare rooms next door – I’m shattered. What’s worse is that the split between LGBTQ Twink crowds on X/Twitter and Facebook mums has come with the consequence of eviction results being actual hell on earth. We’ve now got a jumble sale of fence sitters in the final. It’s hard to care.

Still, I guess we must not cry because it’s over but smile because it happened. Perhaps the final week of reality TV being a long slog such is the case with MAFS UK and Big Brother is simply the cross we must bear for a good season. Maybe in the future MAFS UK and Big Brother can learn from each other: One gets a bit of chill and the other does something actually interesting.

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