Love Is Blind cast Halloween costumes 2023

The Love Is Blind cast and their iconic Halloween costumes, ranked from worst to best

Colleen and Matt as the Beckhams, wow

It’s spooky season! Right now everyone is posting their Halloween costumes all over Instagram, and you can’t move for celebs and their outfits. Of course, the cast of our favourite chaotic dating show Love Is Blind have been out in full force this Halloween, with varying degrees of effort put into their spooky looks.

Some went all out and created iconic vibes in their couples, whilst others threw on a wig and called it done. Here’s a ranking of all the Love Is Blind cast members who dressed up for Halloween, ending with who truly served the most.

7. Lydia

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Season five’s Lydia hasn’t posted much from her costume, so it’s hard to judge, but she went as Wednesday Addams. I mean, the wig looks accurate?

6. Shake

Ok, Shake is always one to get involved, but this feels half-arsed. He went as Rick James, which basically meant sticking on a wig and satin shirt. Great heeled boots though Shake, you should wear them more often.

5. Johnie

Johnie from season five went as Lana Del Rey, and it’s only now that I can actually see a resemblance between them? It’s not exactly giving spooky Halloween, but she’s nailed the look. Top marks for the ~moody~ photoshoot, too.

4. Micah

Ok Michah from season four has to get a decent ranking because she dressed up not once but twice. Her first vibe was a pretty generic but vibey cowgirl look, with a cowgirl hat, pink skirt and metallic jacket. “Saddle up losers we’re going trick or treating,” she captioned the post.

Her second look was also a serve. She went as Cruella Deville, which isn’t exactly original, but she definitely did it well. The wig kinda suits her? She will never leave her villain era.

3. Zanab

Ok, we should have known that queen of glam Zanab wasn’t going to be here to mess around. She went full on grid girl glamour, with a red lip and aviators to match. From the looks of her video on Instagram, she had a squad to help her get ready, and to be honest, you can tell. She looks amazing.

She posted a further picture to show off the full look, captioned: “One more for the vroom vroom”. She tagged her makeup artist and hair stylist. It was a full operation!

2. Colleen and Matt

Colleen and Matt went as the Beckhams, and sorry but, they served a little bit? This is a vibe, and they really nailed the first look. I wish Colleen had a better wig, but I have nothing but respect that they prepared two costumes. They look incredible and hats off for making a Halloween costume that truly is the moment.

1. Taylor’s parents

Ok, so not officially Love Is Blind cast members, but I simply cannot ignore that season five star Taylor’s parents went as her and JP for Halloween. This is TRULY iconic, and deserved of nothing less than the top spot.

Taylor’s mum went all out and did her daughter’s full glam reunion look, iconic after what JP said about her wearing makeup, and her dad is head-to-toe in the USA flag. It’s just what JP would have wanted! 10/10 no crumbs.

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