Molly Marsh and Zach Nobel since Love Island 2023

USA holidays and farmhouse living: What Molly and Zach have been up to since Love Island

Molly is trying to break it as a TV presenter

Since Love Island 2023 ended, finalists Molly Marsh and Zach Noble have been up to absolutely loads. They haven’t left the public eye for a second, constantly posting updates of everything they’re doing.

From speaking to magazines about their plans for children, to going on lavish holidays and attending events – the couple have definitely embraced the new life the show has thrown them into.

Here’s a rundown of everything Love Island 2023 finalists Molly and Zach have been up to since the show.

Soon after Love Island, Molly and Zach went to America together

Not long after the villa, Molly and Zach were sharing pictures of themselves on holiday in NYC. They posted pictures strolling through Central Park, visiting the Yankee Stadium, walking through the city streets, and going to a Jonas Brothers concert.

It looks as though Molly extended the trip to the west coast, visiting LA, with her family.

They’ve been and got tattoos together

After the show, it was reported Molly and Zach went and got matching tattoos. That’s part true, they went and got tattoos at the same time, but they aren’t exactly matching. Molly got Zach’s zodiac sign, but Zach got a basketball. Lol.

“I decided to get both mine and Zac’s zodiac signs on my wrist and a cute little butterfly on my thumb to start my finger tattoos!” Molly said on Instagram.

Since Love Island, Molly and Zach have been living in her Yorkshire farmhouse

After Love Island, Molly and Zach moved into the stunning farmhouse her family owns, in Yorkshire. Just days after meeting her family, Zach had moved in.

“Obviously I had been introduced to Molly’s parents at the villa but then to meet all her family and friends… I have a very small family so it was the opposite of what I am used to,” Zach said. “But they were all so lovely and welcoming.”

Molly lives with loads of her extended family on a farm in Doncaster. She lives with her mum, dad, sister, grandma, grandad, aunty, uncle, cousin, cousin’s husband, their baby and a chicken. And now Zach!

Of course, Molly and Zach have been making loads of TikToks together

Naturally, as soon as Molly and Zach landed they were straight on Molly’s huge TikTok account. Zach has even got an account for himself now, but hers is where all the fun is.

Zach is now a regular face in TikToks with the Marsh family, and has been in videos from concerts they’ve been to together, and visiting theme parks with fellow Islanders.


Dragged @zachnoble97 along with me & hes officially passed the test 😍 Boyfriend points through the roof! 📈

♬ Phone – MEDUZA

They’ve spoken about babies already!

Molly and Zach haven’t been waiting around with talking milestones, and in an interview where they said they haven’t left each other’s sides since the villa, said they are keen for children in the future.

“Ah babies… I am absolutely 100 per cent into having them,” Molly told OK! Magazine. “If I could click my fingers and fast forward to that part of my life, I absolutely would. I can’t wait to have kids in the future.”

Zach also said he wants children, but said he’s nervous about that part of his life. He said: “I’m scared because I understand that once it happens, then that will always be my priority, this kid is my life now. As soon as they’re at an age where they know their first goal, my only energy is spent making this kid achieve.

“But I look forward to that journey in life when it comes because I’m definitely a very family orientated person. I see how my mum was and the sacrifices she made, so I know the love you have for a child is just indescribable.”

Since Love Island, Molly is pursuing being a presenter now

Since the show, Molly has said she wants to go into TV presenting. She had previously said she had an interest in TV work, but has since changed her Instagram bio to say “Aspiring Presenter…✨”.

In a new interview with OK! Magazine, Molly also revealed she has landed a job at an inclusive theatre group since the show. So, she is heading back to the theatre work she did before the villa.

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