All the Love Island 2023 cast who are *still* beefing, despite the show being very much over

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I regret to inform you that a number of Love Island 2023 cast members are still beefing one another, despite the show ending well over a month ago.

From calling out each other’s relationships, to thinking they’re the reason some Islanders have split up – there have been a lot of dramas since the cameras stopped rolling, which together have kept the cast very much on our radars.

So, here is a rundown of all the cast members from Love Island 2023 who are still beefing one another, with no end in sight.

Kady and Mitch

Love Island 2023 cast still beefing and Islander feuds after the villa

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Kady and Mitch truly will never pack it in, as it seems their post-Love Island feud rages on. After the show, the pair both mutually did the podcast circuit, going back and forth bad-mouthing each other, and naming one another as the biggest game players on the show.

Mitch also spoke about rumours Kady had a “secret boyfriend” at home whilst she was on the show, which Kady has always denied. He claimed she was wearing a bracelet belonging to said secret boyfriend, whilst she was in the villa.

During her latest Instagram Q&A, Kady was asked: “How do you feel about most of the recent Love Island cast only seeming to talk about you?” She then brought all the shade back onto the table once again, by showing off her wrist as she said: “I’m just trying to look for this apparent bracelet.”

In an unexpected turn though, Mitch has now claimed they’re now “good pals”, telling The Sun they’ve DM’d each other and sorted it all out. We shall see!

Kady and Whitney and Lochan

It looks as though Kady is in the centre of a lot of the post Love Island 2023 drama, as it’s pretty clear she’s also not friends with Whitney and Lochan after the show. In his first Q&A since the show, Lochan hasn’t held back with calling Kady out.

Someone asked him: “Was Kady annoying?” and he answered: “Do you know what, Kady wasn’t annoying. Kady was nice, we’re actually quite similar. The thing that’s annoying about Kady is she’s actually such a nice person, and just seeing how she’s been running her mouth on podcasts, saying this, that, and the other about Whit and I, it’s a bit like…why are you doing that?

“There’s no need, but there’s no bad blood, I just think that everyone needs to get on with their own relationships. I mean she’s coming for our relationship and she’s not even in one anymore, so I think that says enough to be honest.”

If you’re wondering what comments he might be talking about, I’m going to take a guess that it’s when she compared Whitney and Lochan to 2019 winners Amber and Greg in an interview, and said she thought they’d last max one week together after the show. Yikes.

Whitney and Ella

Um guys, apparently there’s shade being thrown around about Whitney and Ella?! A lot of this started when Whitney appeared on the Saving Grace podcast, and said the Islander she’s most in touch with is Catherine. She also threw a bit of shade at Jess and Ella, who recently signed fast fashion deals, by saying she’d never sign a deal like that for “quick coin”.

“Respectfully, that’s not my vibe,” she said. And now, people have been jumping in the comments of a video of Whitney and Catherine.

A few people were sad Ella wasn’t there, with one comment saying: “Our Ella is busy with her contracts.” But the drama comes where Whitney’s actual management agency replied saying “Dw, so is Whitney” with the eye emoji and a sarcastic kiss face.

Look, unless it’s coming from their actual mouths, I need more evidence that the friendship isn’t there. I won’t hear it!

Abi, Mitch and Ella B

Love Island 2023 cast still beefing and Islander feuds after the villa

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Some of the biggest post-Love Island 2023 drama has come curtesy of Mitch, Ella B and Abi. Ella B and Mitch broke up weeks after the show ended, and said their busy schedules had made it hard to see one another.

Buuuuut, then Abi came out to play and said Mitch had been flirting with her at events, which everyone now thinks is the real reason why Mitch and Ella B ended things. Abi and Mitch did have a lot of history in the villa and the silence from Mitch and Ella about it has been deafening! And now, with Abi and Mitch seemingly getting back together (?!), I can’t imagine Ella B is best pleased about it.

Jess and Mitch

Love Island 2023 cast still beefing and Islander feuds after the villa

via ITV

Jess and Mitch said they were best friends in the villa, but that seems to have changed as Jess has said they haven’t spoken since the show.

Jess told Closer: “Obviously, I was really close with Mitch in the villa, I’ve not really spoken to him since coming out – a lot. He speaks to Sammy a lot, he speaks in the boys’ group chat, but he’s all good.”

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