Winter Love Island 2023 winners Kai and Sanam now

A new reality show and moving in: What Kai and Sanam are up to six months after Love Island

They’re so wholesome it hurts my soul

It’s exactly since months since the final of winter Love Island 2023. Of course our winners Kai Fagan and Sanam Harrinanan are still together, and following their Love Island victory they are now thriving more than ever.

They really have been up to loads since the show. From holidays together to a new show, their lives have kept busy. But, Kai and Sanam have also candidly spoken about the opportunities they’ve had since the show, and how work hasn’t been as easy for them as other previous winners.

So, here’s a full check in with what the winter Love Island 2023 winners Kai and Sanam are up to now.

Six months on from Love Island, and Kai and Sanam are still together and thriving

Let’s do the easy bit first: Of course Kai and Sanam are still together. They are forever sharing loved up posts on Instagram, and really do seem happier than ever. Rise up, our wholesome king and queen.

Since the show they’ve been enjoying events together, doing interviews and podcasts, and even a little bit of Instagram spon con. They went to see Beyoncé together, had a gifted trip to Mauritius, and spent the summer going to some festivals and having a cute lodge staycation. They also went to Zante, a holiday where they were joined by Kai’s mum, and attended the NTAs.

In August they sparked some engagement rumours, when Kai gave Sanam a promise ring.  At the time, Kai joked: “By the way guys it’s a promise ring! The big one will come soon don’t worry.”

Kai and Sanam moved in together recently

Since Love Island, the winning couple launched a YouTube channel called The Kai and Sanam Show and in one of their videos have given us a little look around the home they’re living in now.

They moved in together around three months after the show, and said in the tour they’d been planning the move for “so long”. Kai said they only got the keys to their new pad around the start of June, and they had previously been living apart, at each of their mum’s houses.

via YouTube

In the tour, Kai said his favourite room in their home is the bedroom. “We absolutely love it,” Sanam added. The couple said when they moved in they didn’t have a massive budget to furnish the place, so bought a lot of the furniture “really cheap” from places like charity shops and customised bits themselves.

See the full house tour here.

They’ve been announced as part of a new reality TV show!

The biggest news since the show is that Kai and Sanam have signed up for a new reality show, hosted by Islander Chloe Burrows! Chloe’s new show is called Bad Baby, and pretty much sounds like a TV show based around the premise of the baby challenge on Love Island.

Prank game series Bad Baby is on Channel 4’s YouTube, and sees unsuspecting couples struggling to care for a misbehaving baby doll. The happier the baby is, the more money those taking part stand to win.

It low key looks like hell, but I stand by every decision Kai and Sanam make.

Sanam has been doing shoots, and Kai’s got back into rugby

It looks like they’ve been busy doing their own things, too. Recently Sanam has shared pictures from an incredible shoot she did, modelling bridal wear. “One of the most exciting shoots I’ve done,” she said, sharing some of the stunning photos. “So grateful to have been a part of this and honoured to have worn such beautiful traditional bridal wear. Thank you to everyone who made this shoot possible!”

Before the show Kai was working as a PE teacher, and it looks as though he’s got straight back into his passion for sports. He’s done bits with England Rugby, London 7s, and went to Twickenham for the Premiership final.

Since Love Island, Kai and Sanam have spoken about the lack of opportunities they’ve had from the show

In the summer, following Jess and Sammy being crowned winners, Kai and Sanam very openly spoke about not getting offered work after the show. They said compared to previous winners, and even Jess and Sammy now, they feel they’ve been offered little opportunities.

“People have asked us, ‘why did you never get daytime TV when you came out the villa’,” Kai began in the clip. “‘Why did you never do photoshoots in the tabloids?’ And the answer is we don’t know. We have no answer to that. We don’t really know why all previous Love Island winners before us, and after us, got opportunities.

“There’s no justification for it. I feel like since we’ve come out the villa all we’ve done is spend time with each other.” Sanam added that since the show they’ve focused on finding and building a home together, which Kai added has been “the most important thing to us.”

Kai explained they didn’t go on the show and “expect” any opportunities and they instead went on to find love which they said they have. “We’re really happy with that,” he said. “The things that come with it – maybe we weren’t what they wanted. Not what they wanted Love Island winners to be, because we don’t cause drama…we don’t do certain things other Love Island winners do. Maybe that’s your answer, maybe it’s something else.”

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