It’s finally been revealed who smoked and vaped whilst in the Love Island 2023 villa

Ummm, all the boys did snus?

In some respects, Love Island recently has slapped. This year the cast were wild and dramatic, and loads of new twists were introduced. But the one part of past Love Island seasons that 2023 and recent years are never getting back is sitting down with Islanders who smoked as they gossiped in the smoking area. Golden TV.

But, it has been revealed who out of the 2023 Islanders smoked or vaped whilst they were on the show. Speaking on the Saving Grace podcast, finalist Whitney has spilled all. Finally, some answers!

Islanders who smoked or vaped whilst on Love Island 2023

via ITV

So, who smoked or vaped in the Love Island 2023 villa?

Whitney revealed the vapers among the group were Kady and Zach. She said Zach also smoked whilst in the villa, and he was the only Islander smoker. Whitney said she “would try sometimes” to smoke, but the producers told her she “wasn’t allowed” because she hadn’t previously declared she was a smoker.

“You can’t just add it on,” she explained. “If you didn’t declare it you are not allowed. They are so strict.”

“Kady is such a vaper,” Whitney said, before saying Kady would always tell producers she was ready early for the evenings so would request to go for a vape whilst everyone else finished getting ready. Whitney also said the boys all did snus – smokeless tobacco – whilst in the villa. A bit rogue?

Casa Amor Islander Tink previously said in a Q&A on her TikTok that Islanders this year were taken out to the front of the villa if they wanted to vape or smoke. They went alone, but with a producer, to make sure they didn’t have any juicy chats whilst off-camera. “When you want to vape or smoke you speak into your mic and ask if you can go for one,” she said. “If you can, they’ll say yeah.”

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