Polly Brindle from Selling The OC on Netflix

Modelling and making millions: Inside Polly from Selling The OC’s mega glam life

She’s been a model since the age of 15

Every cast member on Selling The OC is dramatic, but one person who keeps finding themselves in the middle of the dramas is Polly Brindle. Where she goes, the chaos follows.

The UK-born realtor is always providing talking points, and it looks as though her life outside the show is just as interesting. From her modelling career as a teen, to getting offered a job by Jason, Polly’s had a lot go on in her life.

So, here’s everything you need to know about Selling The OC star Polly Brindle, and what she gets up to in her life outside the Netflix show.

Selling The OC star Polly is 37 and originally from Yorkshire, UK

Polly definitely isn’t born and raised in the OC, if her accent isn’t enough of a giveaway. She is from Yorkshire in the UK, and made the move to America after being scouted for modelling work aged 15. She was born and raised in West Yorkshire, before moving to LA in 2011.

In March 2022, Polly gained her US citizenship and she now lives on the west coast.

She worked in the fashion industry for over 20 years

Following being scouted as a model aged 15, Polly worked in the fashion industry for over 20 years. During her career she’s worked for brands such as Lancôme, Dior and Aston Martin.

During her modelling days, Polly lived and worked in London, Paris, Milan, Germany and Barcelona, and it was from living in all these different cities that she grew a passion for architecture and design.

She wasn’t trained in real estate when Jason hired her at The Oppenheim Group

It was during the pandemic that Polly trained to be a real estate agent, and she didn’t have her license when Jason approached her for a job.

In January 2021 she began to study for her real estate license, and she was still studying when she was offered the job at The Oppenheim Group by Jason. By February, Jason had signed her on as one of the first OC office agents. She was fully qualified by June, and the show began filming for the first season five months later.

Polly has nearly 100k Instagram followers and does loads of posts with brands

Polly has 92.7k Instagram followers, and shows off her incredible lifestyle. Her pictures seem to always be of her on a beach, enjoying the sun, at events or doing modelling shoots. Also a huge feature on Polly’s Insta is her adorable rescue dog, called Moose.

On Instagram, Polly clearly makes a bit of extra cash doing sponsored posts with brands. Recently she’s done multiple posts with AromaTech.

She is currently single

Right now Polly is single, and a lot of the drama in season two of the show is about her kiss with fellow real estate agent Tyler, who recently got divorced from actress Brittany Snow.

Polly spoke a lot about her ex-husband during the first season of the show, and said they broke up when she caught him cheating on her with sex workers. “All of my twenties, I was married,” she said during a dinner with her fellow cast members. She told them it was a “plane crash ending” to her marriage, when she saw photos of her husband with two other women. His identity isn’t known.

Polly has a huge net worth of $2million

From her work as a model and in real estate, Polly has earned an estimated net worth of around $2million. Not bad!

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