Selling The OC star Alexandra Jarvis with her husband Sergio Ducoulombier

Who is Selling The OC star Alexandra Jarvis’ mega rich husband Sergio and what does he do?

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The whole nature of shows like Selling The OC is that we’re just as obsessed with the cast members’ private lives as we are with the stunning houses. So, as soon as Selling The OC cast member Alexandra Jarvis mentioned she has a super rich husband who works in tech, I just know all of your ears perked up.

At the time Selling The OC was first filmed, Alexandra was engaged to her fiancé Sergio, but in season three they have since got married. And yes, she did wear that incredible jewelled dress worth $50k we saw her try on during the second season of the show. The couple got married in April 2023, but enough of the niceties – I know we’re all here to see just how mega rich he is.

Alexandra Jarvis from Selling The OC talks about her now husband a lot, so who is he?

Alexandra Jarvis is married to a man called Sergio Ducoulombier. He’s 46, and the CEO of a fintech company that he started, called Slip Cash, Inc. He started the company, which “enables cashless acceptance and payments for anything, anywhere and anytime from someone’s phone”, in January 2019.

Prior to that, Sergio studied at the University of Washington, where he earned a degree in business administration and management.

Alexandra said on the show she and Sergio had been engaged for over two years. They started dating in 2018, and got engaged in 2020, before their wedding in 2023.

The couple had a small ceremony, in Lake Como, Italy. Speaking to People Magazine, Alexandra said: “We wanted to have a very intimate and romantic wedding day without all the traditional expectations around us. So we decided let’s the two of us go to Italy. We’ve been before and it’s actually where I told him I loved him. He had already told me he loved me, but I held back for a little while.”

Just how rich is her husband?

According to reports, Sergio has a huge net worth of around $50million.

How many times has Alexandra Jarvis been married before?

Despite what Polly might have said during Selling The OC previously, Alexandra Jarvis has been married two times before Sergio. In Selling The OC she’s dubbed a “ring collector”, but has confirmed she has been engaged three times prior to Sergio. At the moment, not a lot is known about her exes.

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