Friends one episode characters

Only a diehard Friends fan can name these famous one episode characters

Jennifer Coolidge should have been in it for five seasons

When a show is as big as Friends, the guest stars obviously flock in. With an A-list cast already, it’s no shock that the 10 seasons of Friends were filled with jaw dropping guest stars who each had one episode to make their mark on the show and give audiences a memorable character who’d go down in the sitcom history books. Some of the biggest names in Hollywood have been in those famous New York City apartments, and you could name them with ease. But this quiz will test whether you can name all the Friends one episode characters even if you know the actor’s name.

From Brad Pitt, Jennifer Coolidge, Winona Ryder, John Stamos, Danny DeVito and Charlie Sheen have all been in Friends, alongside the likes of Susan Sarandon and Freddie Prinze Jr – and they all only had one episode to make their character iconic, memorable and funny. I guess this quiz on Friends’ one episode characters will see if they did their job right after all and if they managed to stick in your brain! Only diehard Friends fans need apply – it’s not easy! Good luck, and tell your friends how well you did if you’ve got something to boast about.

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