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August supermoons: Get ready for big feelings, intense passion and mayhem

Leo season is out of control

Let’s be honest, summer has started to feel a little off. Rain is coming down in buckets. Love Island is already over. Venus is in retrograde causing everyone to break up with their boyfriends. And now two massive supermoons (it’s going to look 14 per cent bigger and 30 per cent brighter) are appearing in the sky over the next few weeks. Why are the planets giving apocalypse energy?

Anyway, the crux of the matter is, if you’ve felt a vibe shift over the past few days, it’s probably something to do with the absolute astrological chaos going on around us. So, here’s a guide of how to survive the moon getting closer, Venus travelling backwards, and Leo season mayhem. Phew.

July 22 – September 3 – Social chaos and break ups 

Okay so, obviously Leo season (July 23-August 23) normally is hot girl summer season. It’s your time to shine, be confident, party, look good and have fun. And, normally, when Venus is in Leo it can mean really good thing for flirting because Venus is the planet of romance, passion, and joy.

But (sob) because Venus is in retrograde you might have noticed the summer falling flat in a way it doesn’t normally: social challenges, relationship problems, or even break ups. Retrogrades can also bring exes back (brilliant) – so don’t be shocked if you get some late night DMs.

August 1 – Letting go of any baggage and stress

The first supermoon of the month apparently has the power to clear 100 years of negative karma. Basically any bad omens in your aura/body/life are getting lifted. So, if you feel sort of restless or itchy, it’s the energy shift going down. August 1’s supermoon is basically a good time to get rid of any baggage: People holding you back, blocking those exes in your messages, etc.

Apparently, this full moon is also the perfect time to stop being emotionally attached to people and learn some healthy detachment skills. So, if your situationship isn’t texting you back, try not to freak out. Listen to your logic over your emotions and process everything clearly.

August 16 – Getting creative and forgetting the fuck boys 

In the second week of August the new moon starts to appear, which means you’ll feel really energised and should focus on your creative interests rather than thinking about anyone else. You’re going to feel like you see really clearly how you want your life to go over the next six months. It’s a good time for self-reflection after the shifts of the first two weeks of the month.

August 30 – Reflecting on WTF just happened 

When the second supermoon of August hits, the planet will be even closer (357,344km away) than at the start of the month. Two supermoons in one month are really rare – the last time was in 2018 and won’t happen again until 2037 – so, that’s why the second one is also called a blue moon.

Augusts blue moons is apparently going to bring a increased sense of awareness and intuition to everyone. So, whatever you suspect is happening in your life – trust your gut. As the month ends and we mourn any sun that’s still shining, it’s a good time for reflection, self care, and evaluating your emotional energy after you let all that baggage go during the first super moon.

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