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Cheating rumours and tears on stage: Inside Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro’s devastating split

I’m a child of divorce

The internet has officially entered a period of mourning because everyone’s favourite pop mum and dad have split up with essentially no warning whatsoever. Yup, Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro have called off their engagement after three years together. Suddenly, Beso is a much, much, sadder song. They were adorable. Is love real? We are not ok.

As per usual with any celeb split, the rumour mill is swirling with cheating allegations, conflicting timelines, and fans taking to TikTok with conspiracy theories about the break up. So, in case you’re confused about whether this split was just Venus being hella in retrograde or there’s been actual betrayal, here’s everything we know so far:

Rosalia and Rauw have artistic differences

When Rosalía and Rauw’s split was first reported by People, fans combed back through their cover interview with Billboard to try and find hints as to why they called off their engagement. Although their relationship seemed super supportive, it’s always been clear they’re very different artists with different work ethics.

“Rosi has a more solid music base than I do in the sense that I’m more extroverted in my music, but she’s far more disciplined,” Rauw said in the interview. “But she’s a freak-crazy workaholic. Piano lessons, dance lessons, voice lessons; what else can you learn when no one sings like you? At the beginning, I didn’t really get it, but after some time, I said, ‘OK, let me try to follow her lead and see.'”

Rosalía posts a photo of herself crying to Instagram

Even before Rosalía and Rauw’s split was made public, fans knew something was up. Rosalía posted a picture of herself crying in the back of a taxi to Instagram and, once the news broke, all of the comments were saying “I understand this now.” We’ve all been there. This is literally so sad.

Cheating allegations with Valeria Duqueh circle

After the news broke that Rosalía and Rauw were no longer together, rumours Rauw had cheated on Rosalía with the Influencer and model Valeria Duqueh quickly began to emerge. Valeria has posted quite a lot of social media content dancing to Rosalía’s songs and commented heart emojis on her Instagram in the past – hinting friendship vibes – but has since been romantically linked to Rauw. Ouch. He denies any infidelity.

Rosalía breaks down on stage at Lollapalooza Paris

Days after her split with Rauw’s went public, Rosalía gave a seriously emotional performance in Paris at Lollapalooza festival. While performing Hentai (a song originally written about Rauw, which used to have more sexy than sad energy) Rosalía broke down in tears. And, obv, now the internet wants Rauw’s head on a plate.

Rauw claims he and Rosalía broke up ‘months ago’

Finally, after days of speculation and anger in his direction, Rauw made a statement about his and Rosalía’s break up: “Throughout all these years, you’ve been part of my professional accomplishments, as well as all the happy moments I lived with my partner,” he wrote. “I never thought I’d be in a position where I’d have to give a public statement about such a private matter in my life.

“Yes, a few months ago, Rosi and I ended our engagement,” he continued. “There are thousands of problems that can cause a breakup but, in our case, it was not because of infidelity or a third person. During this time that I’m taking to assimilate everything, there have been false public allegations, and because of the respect I have for her, our families and all we ever lived, I couldn’t stay quiet and continue to see how they try to destroy the most real love story God has ever allowed me to live. With nothing more to add, to my fans that I love so much, thank you for being there.”

But fans don’t buy Rauw’s timeline of events

Even though Rauw claimed he and Rosalía had been broken up for a “few months” fans took to Twitter to say “the math ain’t mathing” with his timeline after they found Instagram stories of Rauw and Rosalía together as recently as July (ten days ago) and recent interview footage with Rosalía where she excitedly discussed her wedding and their big day. My heart can’t take this. She’s still yet to comment.

Rosalía breaks her silence after the break up is confirmed

Rosalia seperacion

Credit: Instagram (@rosalia.vt)

On Thursday, Rosalía finally issued a statement about the break up on her Instagram story but kept things vague. “I love, respect and admire Raul so much,” she wrote. “This moment isn’t easy so thank you to everyone for understanding and respecting.”

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