A rundown of all the Love Island 2023 cast and their star signs

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Star signs can tell you a lot about a person and why they behave in certain situations the way they do – so learning why the cast of Love Island 2023 are how they are on our screens will definitely explain some things.

Naturally, with the intense environment the Islanders are in at the moment, we’re seeing them faced with some highs and lows. They’re dating in front of everyone, and basically living with strangers. They all react and behave in different ways, and the typical personality traits of each of the Islanders really does explain why some are defensive, whilst some are chill, or very emotional.

Here’s a rundown of the star signs of the Love Island 2023 cast, and what personality traits that means they have.

Mitchel – Gemini

The cast of Love Island 2023 and their star signs

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Ok, there are certain Gemini traits I can really see for Mitchel, and some which really don’t match his energy. A Gemini is drawn by insatiable curiosity and can sometimes be a bit erratic with this, which is big Mitch energy.

They are often also playful and spontaneous, and a Gemini can be outgoing, funny and nosy – which I guess matches Mitch pretty well.

Molly – Virgo

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The main personality traits of a Virgo is that they’re practical and like to keep busy, and being a musical theatre girlie, this fits Molly so well. A Virgo is a perfectionist, sensible and loyal, but they can sometimes be over critical – which might explain why Molly’s not felt 100 per cent in a relationship in the villa yet.

Zach – Gemini

The cast of Love Island 2023 and their star signs

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The same as Mitchel, Zach is also a Gemini. Again, I can kind of see this for him, but also really not. Zach is super chilled, which isn’t a trait a Gemini tends to have – they are usually much more spontaneous and fun-loving. A Gemini is also a great communicator, which Zach definitely is not. Maybe we just haven’t seen him come into his own!

Catherine – Cancer

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Catherine is a Cancer – which is one of the water signs. Typically, water signs tend to be quite emotional, and not afraid to show how they’re feeling. We’ve seen Catherine get upset and cry in the villa, so she is very much portraying this.

A Cancer likes to know they have trust in relationships, and will wear their heart on their sleeve. They are sensitive, compassionate and loving.

Mehdi – Pisces

The cast of Love Island 2023 and their star signs

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Pisces is also a water sign – so very in touch with their emotions. A Pisces is the most empathetic and sensitive of all the zodiacs, which could go some way to explaining why Mehdi was so concerned when Jess was upset.

A Pisces can however over catastrophize and jump to conclusions, which again could then explain why Mehdi was quick to blame Whitney for making Jess upset.

Whitney – Scorpio

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Our gal Whitney is a Scorpio. Scorpios tend to be energetic, passionate, mysterious, tough-minded and also quite brutally honest. Basically, Whitney is her star sign to a T.

Scorpio is the most dynamic and complicated of the star signs, and Whitney is probably one of the most dynamic and iconic Islanders we’ve seen in a long time.

Sammy – Taurus

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If you want some sort of explanation to Sammy being defensive and fiery – which has been a bit of a red flag at times – then look no further than his star sign. The Taurus star sign is a bull – which pretty much says it all.

They are often stubborn, and the only Taurus personality traits that really don’t match Sammy are that they can be loyal and sometimes quiet – definitely not what Sammy’s been showing.

Jess – Virgo

The cast of Love Island 2023 and their star signs

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Like Molly, Jess is also a Virgo. Some of the obvious Virgo personality traits we’ve seen on display with Jess are being loyal and sympathetic, but sometimes over critical.

Tyrique – Aries

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Ok, Tyrique being an Aries really explains a lot. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, so naturally, this star sign likes coming first. They can sometimes tend to think about themselves first in situations, and love a bit of competition. So, Tyrique flirting with everyone and not thinking of the consequences, is definitely a natural personality trait.

An Aries is bold, ambitious and will always beat the competition. I think this makes me a little scared about Tyrique moving forward in the villa!

Ella – Taurus

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Quite different to Tyrique, Ella is a Taurus. A Taurus tends to be quite tenacious, hard-headed and loyal – which are definitely traits we’ve seen Ella show on Love Island. A Taurus knows their self-worth, and exercises self-care well.

Leah – Aquarius

The cast of Love Island 2023 and their star signs

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An Aquarius is one of the most creative star signs, so dancer Leah fits the mould perfectly. They don’t like to be told what to do, and are independent, so Leah putting Sammy in his place for disregarding her feelings and seeing her as simply “a test” is a good example of her star sign shining through.

Scott – Capricorn

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Typically, a Capricorn is loyal, patient and logical – so this explains why when Catherine strayed during Casa Amor, there was no going back for him.

Kady – Virgo

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Kady is another of the 2023 Islanders who is a Virgo. Virgos are over critical, and Kady has said she’s at that stage in her life where she knows what she wants, and she’s not been coupling up with people or committing to people without knowing they’re right for her.

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