Here’s where you recognise the cast of Amazon’s intense tennis drama Fifteen-Love from

Dave from Gavin and Stacey is Justine’s dad!

Fifteen-Love is Amazon Studios’ latest drama series to join the platform and it has a cast full of familiar faces across British and American television.

The new drama centres around former tennis star Justine Pearce who alleges her old coach, Glen Lapthorn, sexually assaulted her. The series covers a lot of serious topics, including the treatment of young women in the world of tennis.

The cast is led by Ella Lily Hyland and Aidan Turner and they are accompanied by a truly world class cast. But what have they all been in before? Here’s where you recognise the cast of Fifteen-Love from.

Ella Lily Hyland – Justine Pearce

Fifteen-Love cast

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Fifteen-Love is Ella Lily Hyland’s first major TV role after starring in a series of short films over the years. Ella plays the role of Justine Pearce, a former star tennis player who works as a physiotherapist at her old tennis academy after suffering from a major injury.

During her time at the academy, she runs into her old coach, Glenn, which leads to shocking allegations being made against him.

Aidan Turner – Glenn Lapthorne

Fifteen-Love cast

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Glenn Lapthorne is Justine’s old tennis coach who returns to the UK from the US. On his return to the UK, he’s met with secrets from the past. Aidan Turner has been a staple on British television over the years, including Poldark, The Suspect and The Tudors.

Aidan Turner has appeared in a number of popular movies as well, including all three Hobbit movies, The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones and Love Is Blind in 2019.

Anna Chancellor – Andi Woodward

Fifteen-Love cast

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Anna Chancellor is no stranger to the TV screens of Brits and has starred in a string of TV dramas over the years. Anna has starred in The Hour, Rain Dogs and Kavanagh QC. Some of her more recent projects include Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris, Ordeal By Innocence and Hotel Portofino.

Anna plays the role of Andi, the head of Longwood Academy, who welcomes Glenn back with open arms.

Manon Azem – Khalida Lapthorne

Fifteen-Love cast

via Amazon Studios

Khalida is Glenn’s wife and mother to their children who moved back with her husband to the UK. Khalida is played by French actress Manon Azem, who has starred in Gangsterdam, Friendzone and Off the Hook.

Harmony Rose-Bremner – Renee Okoye

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Renee is Justine’s closest friends after growing up together played at Longwood when they were teenagers. Harmony Rose-Bremner stars as Renee, who viewers may recognise from Death in Paradise, It Happened at Home and Logan High.

Jessica Darrow – Mikki

via Amazon Studios

While you may not recognise Jessica Darrow on first glance, her voice will certainly jog your memory. Jessica is best known for voicing the character of Luise Madrigal in Encanto. Some of her other roles include Blue Bloods, Following Hannah Stone and Feast of the Seven Fishes.

Jessica plays the role of Mikki, a sports PR who goes on a date with Justine.

Tom Varey – Steve

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Fifteen-Love viewers may recognise Tom Varey for his roles in Ackley Bridge, No Offence and Ridley Road. Tom stars as Steve, Justine’s longtime friend and co-worker at Longwood Academy.

Elizabeth Berrington – Carol Pearce

Fifteen-Love cast

via Amazon Studios

Elizabeth Berrington stars as Justine’s mother, Carol, who is keen to hold onto her daughter’s success as a tennis player. Elizabeth is best known for her roles in Stella, Waterloo Road and The Syndicate.

Over the years, she has also starred in The Nevers, Being Eileen, The Pact and Secrets & Lies.

Steffan Rhodri – Christy Pearce

via Amazon Studios

Christy Pearce is Justine’s father who coached her before Glenn took over, and is played by Steffan Rhodri. Viewers will likely recognise Steffan for his role as Dave in Gavin and Stacey. He has also appeaared in Steeltown Murders, Manhunt and Yr Amgueddfa.

Maria Almeida – Luisa Molina

Luisa Molina is a rising tennis star from LA who joins Longwood Academy for their summer tennis programme. Luisa is played by Maria Almeida, who has previously starred in The Strays and Pretty Red Dress.

Sarah Durham – DCI Shaw

via Amazon Studios

Sarah Durhams stars as DCI Shaw, the detective who is investigating Justine’s allegations. Viewers will recognise Sarah from her various roles in Sex Education, Gentleman Jack and This Is Going to Hurt. Some of her more recent projects include Pricks, Marriage and of course, Fifteen-Love.

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