Robberies to online slurs: The biggest pre-Love Island dramas and scandals of all time

Never forget when someone thought Andrew robbed their daughter in Sainos

In recent seasons, we haven’t even needed the Islanders to step foot in the villa before the drama begins. There have been loads of pre-Love Island scandals, some of which have led to calls for people to be axed from the show, before even properly joining it.

From silly little dramas, to full-blown character scandals and statements being made about Islanders – there’s a full spectrum of drama that’s gone done before the cameras have started rolling. Here’s a rundown of the biggest pre-Love Island scandals of all time.

In 2019, Anton was accused of blackface

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Following him being announced as part of the 2019 lineup, photos emerged of Anton Danyluk in blackface. The pictures, originally uploaded to the Facebook page of the gym he owned, showed him on a Halloween night out dressed as Mr T. He was wearing a fake mohawk, large jewellery, and dungarees. The photos have since been removed.

Straight away, there were calls for Anton to be axed from the show, which was set to start on the same day the photos were uncovered. His mother released a comment and said there was “absolutely no racist intent” behind the pictures.

In 2022, a woman was convinced Andrew had robbed her daughter

I’m actually laughing just thinking about this entire Twitter scandal pre-Love Island 2022. To jog your memory, the cast of the show was announced, and a poor woman in Bristol was SURE Andrew Le Page was responsible for robbing her daughter’s handbag in the local Sainsbury’s.

Carol replied to ITV sharing his promo pic demanding confirmation if he had been in Bristol Sainsbury’s on March 12th. After a full investigation, The Tab cleared Andrew of any charges – he was in Dubai.

In 2023, Haris’ ex girlfriend piped up


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Before Haris had even had a chance to step foot in the Love Island 2023 South Africa villa, his ex-girlfriend was dragging him. Courtney Hodgson shared pictures and videos of herself with Haris, and claimed that just weeks before the show she and Haris went to Winter Wonderland with her family.

The clips she shared included them eating out together, going on walks, and a video of Haris in bed asleep next to her. There was another video of them on an airplane and then on a jetski on holiday. She also replied to his cast announcement branding him the “biggest game player ever”.

Before entering the villa, Haris attempted to clap back, saying he “didn’t see her as a girlfriend”. He told The Sun: “I didn’t see her as like actually being my girlfriend, we were just sleeping together and then I just called it off. She never saw my family, she never came to my house or anything like that.

“She never had that privilege. I never wanted that to happen. I didn’t leave her for the show because I didn’t see her as being my girlfriend. We were sleeping together and then it ended, and that’s it.”

PETA called Farmer Will a ‘disgusting creep’

Everyone was beyond excited when already famous TikToker farmer Will was announced as part of the winter cast this year. Everyone, apart from PETA that was.

The animal rights charity branded him a “disgusting creep” for his previous TikTok content, in particular a video with a sheep, where he was “dancing over her body as she gives birth”.

Summer 2023 Islander George has been accused of being controlling and a cheat, and has had old tweets resurface

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Before the summer Love Island 2023 series has even started, there have been loads of allegations against George Fensom, and Women’s Aid has already issued a statement. Ahead of the series, homophobic tweets have resurfaced and an ex-girlfriend has accused George of being a “liar” and a “narcissist”. People on Twitter have been requesting he gets removed from the cast list, and doesn’t make it onto the show.

A series of old tweets resurfaced that George posted when he was a teenager. In them he used the f-slur, and used “gay” as a negative adjective. This came a day after a previous girlfriend posted a video of pictures of them together, accusing George of being a “liar”, a “cheat” and a “narcissist”.

In the clip, she alleged George “begged” her for money, and he “never split a bill”. She went on to claim George was “controlling” over what she would wear, and would “put down her appearance”. She claimed he “constantly lied and made empty promises”.

Defending himself over the tweets, George said they made him “feel sick”, and added: “They are not who I am today, they couldn’t be any further from the man I am today.”

He also addressed the video posted by his ex, and said: “I’m looking forward to moving forward with things and going into the villa and just providing a new wave of energy and to prove that the things that have been written about me aren’t true. People can see a different light to me.”

Speaking to The Daily Star, charity Women’s Aid said it hopes Love Island will “take allegations seriously” about George, as the show has recently upped its duty of care protocols in recent years to include behavioural training in these sorts of issues.

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