Eurovision countries aren't participating

All the niche reasons why these countries are no longer participating in Eurovision

This year has the least amount of countries competing since 2014

The Eurovision Song Contest has a unique ability to bring together countries from all around the world via a shared love for pop music and healthy competition. It’s taught us all songs from different countries we’d never encounter if not for the power of Eurovision to unite us. But not all countries partake – 2023 is seeing the lowest countries participate in Eurovision since 2014. Some big names that are usually always competing are not here this year – here’s why some countries aren’t participating in Eurovision for 2023.


An obvious one, but Russia is indefinitely suspended from Eurovision following Putin’s invasion of Ukraine and the subsequent war. They were banned last year and the rules have carried on for 2023.


Bulgarian broadcasters BNT confirmed towards the end of 2022 that they wouldn’t be participating – this is due to financial constraints and a predicted increase in participation fees a spokesperson stated.


Monaco are trying to return to Eurovision – they’ve not competed since 2006 but before that have competed 26 times. They’re trying to launch a new network but the network’s launch got pushed back until September 2023 so they said eventually they couldn’t compete this year.


In October last year, Montenegro confirmed they wouldn’t be competing in Eurovision 2023 due to financial constraints in the country and a lack of interest from sponsors.

North Macedonia

North Macedonia confirmed they wouldn’t be competing also, again citing financial constraints in the country. They are trying and hoping to return to compete in 2024.

Future of Australia in the ESC

2023 is the last year in the current agreement for Australia to be able to compete in Eurovision, and as of right now it’s uncertain if they’ll become one of the countries that aren’t participating in Eurovision going forward in 2024 and beyond.


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