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Love Island’s Tasha has TikTok video banned after breaking advertising rules

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While Love Island’s Tasha Ghouri has been living it up at Coachella over the past week, the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) in the UK have been looking through her TikTok content and now she’s in trouble for a post that used the Joel Corry Remix of Elton John and Britney Spear’s Hold Me Closer back in November.

Obv, part of the fun of TikTok is using trending songs for your videos. But influencers, including Tasha, are actually paid large amounts of money to make tracks go viral. And the series eight Islander had been paid by the music group EMI to use the remix in a video about her cochlear implant, which, according to the ASA, broke the platform’s rules.

Tasha labelled the video, which has now been removed: “pov you’re doing what you’re passionate about using my voice…#TinyDancer #HoldMeCloser soundad”. But the ASA said the video still wasn’t clearly marked as an advert and had it taken down.

EMI had asked Tasha to use “soundad” on the post. But the ASA said it was “unlikely” all UK TikTok users would actually understand what the hashtag meant. They explained: “We therefore considered that the label ‘soundad’ was not sufficiently clear to indicate that the post in particular the soundtrack, was advertising” – adding Tasha should have used TikTok’s Branded Content label instead.


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Tasha isn’t the only Love Islander making money off of TikTok music ads. Her boyfriend Andrew, 2021 winner Millie Court and 2018 winner Jack Fincham have all been paid by music labels to make new releases from the artists they represent into online hits.

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