One year on, this is who from Love Island 2022 is actually still mates

A few have kept in touch!


It’s been a whole year now now since Love Island 2022. We’ve had an entire new cast come and leave the villa, and there’s a new summer cast living there right now. After the show, you hear a lot about breakups, fallouts and dramas amongst cast members, but are any of the Love Island 2022 cast actually still mates after the show?

Luca and Gemma split, Remi and Jacques continued their feud, and a few of the cast made loads of money. They always say it’s not friend island, but it’s time to find out if any of the Love Island 2022 cast members actually still mates. Here’s a detailed and scientific rundown.

Tasha and Indiyah

I am quite literally obsessed with the two coolest girls from the Love Island 2022 villa still being mates all this time on. This is Indiyah and Tasha’s world, and the rest of us are just living in it.

They hang out a lot, and post the best selfies from them living their best lives. I’m living vicariously through these two forever. End of.

Tasha and Dami

Tasha and Dami have the most wholesome friendship still going on. They do TikTok dances round each other’s houses, I mean COME ON. My heart can’t take this!

Tasha is always commenting on pictures of Dami and Indiyah and vice versa – I swear, they’re one another’s biggest fans still.

Andrew and Dami

Andrew is obviously still mates with Dami too, given he comes around their house all the time to dance with Tasha. But, the boys still comment on each other’s Instagrams all the time, too.

It’s looking as though there’s a pretty strong friendship still going between Andrew, Tasha, Dami and Indiyah. I’m so here for it.

Paige, Danica and Antigoni

Love Island 2022 cast still mates

via Instagram @antigoni

Straight after the villa, a friendship struck up between Paige, Danica and Antigoni. They were going to events together and were always being pictured on nights out. Danica even appeared in one of Antigoni’s music videos, and when Antigoni and Danica performed the song onstage, Paige can be heard cheering in the background of videos.

That friendship has continued, and they’re still going to events and hanging out all these months later. They’ve got a little girl group going with the three of them, another friend, and Antigoni’s sister.

Antigoni and Gemma

via Instagram @antigoni

I can’t really remember these two being mates in the villa, but here we are, it looks as though Antigoni and Gemma are still friends. The last time they posted together was in December when they went on a dinner date, but Danica was in the comments calling it a “friendship for life”.

Tasha, Andrew, Davide and Ekin-Su

Despite Ekin-Su coming out and saying she had no mates after the show, she and Davide are still hanging out with Tasha and Andrew. Are we surprised the purest of souls Tasha and Andrew have managed to keep a whole bunch of friendships going? Not at all.

Ekin-Su shared a video of the four of them round at one of the couple’s houses for dinner. So cute!

Billy, Deji and Josh

Love Island 2022 cast still mates

via Instagram @billybrown11

There was a cute Casa Amor / dumped Islander friendship group after the Love Island 2022 villa, but for now, it looks like those who stuck the friendship out are Billy, Deji and Josh. After the show, a few of the Casa Amor bunch went to festivals and events together, and even did some tragic spon-con together, but these three are still spending time together now.

In a recent post of the three of them on Instagram, Billy captioned it “the three musketeers”, and Billy and Josh also went to a Chris Brown concert together recently, with some other friends.

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