Jacques confirms his friend did fight Remi and there’s now a messy exchange on Insta

‘You are the fakest person I’ve ever met, give your friend up to the police’

On Sunday evening, Love Island 2022 star Remi Lambert posted an Instagram story to say he had been assaulted by a friend of Jacques O’Neill in a “setup” attack. Now, Jacques has shared his side of the story, and confirmed there was a fight, but has accused Remi of lying about other parts of his claims. This is getting MESSY.

Remi claimed on Saturday night he was “assaulted by one of Jacques’ friends” and that Jacques and the accused had followed him on a walk back from a night out. He said “Jacques began to start an argument about the Love Island beef that was a year ago” and said “out of nowhere” the friend punched him.

“I think it was a setup to get me to react but I’m too mature for this bs,” Remi said, before asking anyone who might have seen what he alleges happened to contact him.

Responding on Instagram, Jacques said he wanted to “adjust” Remi’s story to share his truth. “We’ll start with the big lie following him home can’t believe he’s even put that,” Jacques began. “I understand why because it sounds bad and everyone starts thinking straight away ‘no way that happened that’s disgusting’ but it was actually 30 yards from the club.”

He then went on to say he “didn’t begin to start an argument” as Remi said, but actually “wanted answers from him as I got a voice note on Instagram from some lad one night saying he was talking to Remi and he’s been telling people he’s going to kick the shit out of me.”

Remi and Jacques story

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Jacques’ post continued: “I just wondered if he wanted to or not, so I can clarify it [the altercation] was not about Love Island beef at all. Saying I can’t move on but he’s the one that’s dragged my name on social media/podcasts since leaving the villa and even trying to make diss-tracks about me, which I let slide because it was quite embarrassing from him.”

He then went on to admit there was a fight, which he claims he broke up. “Finally I want to clear up I was not physically involved in anything that happened, only thing I did do was jump in the middle and not let both lads fight,” Jacques said. “Just trying to make it looks worse than what it is and try his best to tarnish my name AGAIN that’s the real story cheers.”

But, it’s not over! Remi has since clapped back AGAIN at this statement, and says Jacques is now the one lying. He said Jacques and his friend did follow him, and has urged him to give his friend up to the police.

Remi and Jacques story

via Instagram

“You and your friend followed me end of,” Remi claimed. “Whoever sent that voice note is lying because I ignore you every time I see you. You know I’ve tried to keep it civil.”

Remi then claimed Jacques told him “you’re scared of me” before his friend punched him. He concluded: “Lastly, I don’t want to hear anything about mental health from you again. The fakest person I’ve ever met. Give your friend up to the police.”

After Remi left the Love Island 2022 villa, he claimed Jacques and Luca Bish had bullied him and said they should have been kicked out the villa because of their behaviour towards him. Comments were made on an Instagram live about Remi, and Remi also said his time in the villa was “made shit” by people bullying him.

The Tab has reached out to reps for Jacques O’Neill for further comment.

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