All the Islanders who have refused to follow each other on Instagram since Love Island 2023

Kai not following Olivia is a king move, sorry

When the Love Island 2023 Islanders left the villa, one of the first things a lot of us will have done is gone to follow them on Instagram. After watching them for eight weeks, you just want to keep up with what they’re up to now.

You’d also think the people they lived with during that time would extend this curtesy, and want to be in the loop with what all their fellow Islanders are up to. Buuuuut, it appears not that way. Loads of the Love Island 2023 cast members have straight up refused to follow one another on Instagram, and it’s giving us at home the insight into who really got on with who whilst they were on the show.

So, who isn’t following who? Here’s a breakdown. 👀

Kai isn’t following Olivia

Love Island 2023 cast who don't follow each other on Instagram

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I’m sorry, but Kai not following Olivia on Instagram is a big move from him and I’m here for it. Of course, Kai and Olivia were coupled up before Casa, where he met Sanam and Olivia met Maxwell. Olivia branded Kai a “liar” and was livid he’d brought someone back from Casa Amor, despite being right there having done the same thing herself.

During the reunion, Olivia said she was wrong and Kai had nothing to apologise for, and she was happy he and Sanam had won the show. You’re still not getting an Insta follow, though.

Kai also hasn’t followed Tanya

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Kai follows all of his fellow Love Island 2023 finalists, apart from Tanya. He’s followed Tanya’s boyfriend Shaq, so there’s clearly no problems here, but for some reason Tanya hasn’t made the cut.

Zara and Samie don’t follow each other

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Hmm, what’s going on here? Neither Zara or Samie follow each other on Instagram. This is probably because Zara was previously coupled up with Tom, who Samie left the villa with, so it’s a bit awkward.

On multiple occasions Zara has said she’s less than impressed with how Tom went about things in the villa, so Samie is probably trying to keep well away from all that.

Casey hasn’t followed his Casa flame Cynthia, and she doesn’t follow him either

Love Island 2023 cast who don't follow each other on Instagram

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Casey found himself in hot water a few times during his time on the show. He was with Claudia, cracked on with Cynthia in Casa, came back to Claudia and then left her for bombshell Rosie. Cynthia clearly isn’t too impressed with him, and has chosen to not follow Casey on Instagram since the show, and he hasn’t followed her either.

Will has also decided to give his Casa flame a swerve

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The toughest test for Will and Jessie came in Casa, when Will had his head turned with Layla. For a while it looked like he might recouple, but he came back with his tail between his legs and begged Jessie to forgive him. She might have forgiven him, but he clearly knows where the boundary is, as Will hasn’t followed Layla.

The Tanya, Martin and Shaq feud continues on Instagram

Following the reunion show, it was very clear the beef between Tanya, Shaq and Martin has continued outside the villa. There was a big triangle between the three of them on the show, when Tanya brought Martin back from Casa, only to dump him and say she still wanted Shaq. Then, after he was dumped, Martin went on a podcast and said some pretty gross things about Tanya.

Now, on Instagram, neither Tanya or Shaq follow Martin, and Martin doesn’t follow them either.

Jessie and Tanyel don’t follow each other

There’s obviously no budding friendship between Tanyel and Jessie on the cards, as neither of the girls follow each other on Insta. After Tanyel was dumped, she went on a podcast and accused Jessie of “playing a game”.

She said Jessie was the type to tell the other girls it wasn’t acceptable for a man to do you wrong, but when Will kissed Layla in Casa Amor, she took him back. Tanyel said this proves Jessie is a game player.

Tanyel also has beef with Shaq, Tanya and Olivia

Love Island 2023 cast who don't follow each other on Instagram

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After the show, Anna-May said fellow Islander Tanyel came out the villa and said she doesn’t like Shaq and Tanya, or Olivia. She clearly wasn’t lying, because Tanyel doesn’t follow Shaq, Tanya or Olivia on Instagram now.

But, let’s just be clear, none of them follow Tanyel either – so the feelings must be mutual.

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