MAFS Australia retreat location

Inside the £6,000 a night luxury estate where the MAFS Australia retreat episodes are filmed

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Married at First Sight Australia is about to hit all new heights of drama as the couples head to a retreat to work on their relationships.

The aim of the retreat is for the couples to continue getting to know one another and forming even stronger bonds. Given how lavish the wedding ceremonies were, it makes sense all the stops were pulled out of the group’s retreat.

But where is the retreat filmed and can you go there yourself? Here is the location of the retreat featured in MAFS Australia 2023.

The couples’ retreat is at Kalinya Estate

The MAFS Australia couples’ retreat location is at the award-winning Kalinya Estate in Bargo, New South Wales and it is STUNNING.

According to the estate’s official website, “the private estate is proudly owned and operated by Chris and Mandy Barnes, who will warmly welcome you like long-time friends.”

Chris and Mandy “go above and beyond to deliver a personalised service”. The name of estate is pretty amazing too. Kalinya is an Indigenous Australian word meaning good, beautiful and honest.

The estate hosts weddings, events and birthdays

The luxurious Kalinya Estate is a jack of all trades and can host anything you can think of. The estate has been home to weddings and birthdays. One person who celebrated their 40th birthday at the estate said “amazing does not do it justice”.

They wrote: “If you think pictures look good, you will be even more amazed once you arrive. If you want to book a holiday where the children are 100 per cent entertained and safe, allowing you can relax, then this is the house.”

MAFS Australia isn’t the first reality TV show the estate has featured on

MAFS Australia retreat location

via Nine Network Australia

Married at First Sight Australia wouldn’t be the first reality TV show Kalinya Estate has featured on. The finale of Elly and Becky’s season of The Bachelorette was filmed at the estate too.

The whole venue costs a whopping $12,920 fee per night

Understandably, the estate does not come cheap. To rent out the entire venue, it reportedly costs $12,920, which translates to under £7,000.

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