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Launch parties and makeup galore: Inside MAFS Australia’s Janelle’s life before the experiment

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Married at First Sight Australia’s Janelle and Adam have officially left the experiment for UK viewers, after the cheating scandal tore them apart. Viewers saw Adam get up and leave and Janelle in tears and everyone took a sigh a relief when they realised the relationship was over.

Since leaving the experiment, Janelle has been living her best life in Sydney and still keeps in contact with some of her MAFS co-stars. Janelle served looks all throughout her time on MAFS Australia and had a successful career before entering the show. If you want a bit of taste of what Janelle’s life was like before she joined the experiment, here’s everything you need to know.

She studied at university before switching careers

Before becoming a full-time beauty influencer, Janelle studied business management at university. Once she graduated, Janelle chose to switch careers and worked as a makeup trainer at MAC Cosmetics before becoming a makeup artist.

It was after her last breakup she decided to experiment with makeup looks and sharing them on social media which led to her Instagram and TikTok fame. Janelle credited her parents for allowing her to be flexible in her career choices.

“There’s always that pressure from parents to go into that traditional route of being a doctor, lawyer or someone in finance,” Janelle said in an interview with Refinery 29, “but I’m very lucky to have the parents that I have. They saw that I was good at my job – they saw that it had potential.”

Janelle is an ‘established influencer’ with almost 70,000 followers on Instagram

Janelle entered the experiment as a beauty influencer and before MAFS Australia, she regularly posted her experimental makeup looks as well as sharing ‘get ready with me’ videos on her Instagram.

Janelle’s biggest following is on TikTok with over 550,000 followers. One of her most watched videos has 35.1 million views, and it was her transforming herself into Kang Sae-byeok on Netflix’s Squid Game.


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Janelle has previously said she is “very lucky” to get to do what she does for a living as an influencer. When explaining her career, she said: “I do a lot of beauty-related content and I get a lot of brand sponsorships from that and I am very lucky to get paid for what I do.”

She has worked with some huge brands

Due to her work as a beauty influencer, Janelle has worked with a ton of brands in the beauty industry. Some of the brands she has worked with includes Dyson, NYX Cosmetics and Rimmell London.

Janelle has been quite candid about being an influencer on MAFS Australia. She said although viewers may think she’s on their for the exposure, it can be a double edged sword.

She explained: “What people don’t realise is that coming onto MAFS as an influencer is actually more of a risk than it is for exposure. If I get a bad edit, I can lose all my sponsorship deals and connections. It is much more of a risk than it is to get more followers.

Since leaving the experiment, Janelle has moved to Sydney

Janelle left the experiment with her head held high and is now onto bigger and better things. In March she announced she had moved to Sydney with her best friend Aliz and although the move was tough, it seems to be going well for her.

In a series of Instagram posts, Janelle shared she had been hanging out with her MAFS Australia co-stars Josh White and Jesse Burford.

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