Hold tight, here is all the incredibly chaotic drama yet to come on MAFS Australia 2023

Cameron got his WHAT out at a nightclub?!


This season of Married at First Sight Australia has been dubbed the messiest of all time, with non-stop drama and constant chaos. Despite the premise of the show being quite simple and fairly wholesome, the drama on this series has been like no other.

UK fans are only three weeks in on the chaos of season 10, and prepare to be gobsmacked because there is so much more to come. In Australia, the show is over and the reunion episodes are currently airing and so there are plenty of spoilers roaming about for UK viewers to fall victim to.

But if you don’t care about things being spoiled and can’t possibly fathom how the season could be any more messy, here’s all the drama that is about to take place on Married at First Sight Australia.

Cameron exposed his penis to Tayla on a night out

If you need a minute to process that, I understand. Once the final vows were over, Cameron and Tayla grew closer, but the two maintain they are just friends. During the reunion episode, Cameron admits to Mel Schilling that he got his penis out at a nightclub, and it’s safe to say it’s a piece of information she wished she hadn’t known.

Cameron explained he was on a night out with his friends and for some reason, he was naked. He continued to explain that he was on FaceTime to Tayla and that’s how she saw his penis. Prior to the reunion, Tayla spoke about her side of the story.

“He was really drunk and I was drinking with all my friends as well, and I’m pretty sure it just happened,” Tayla said. “He said, ‘Do you want me to get it out?’ And I said, ‘Yeah, I dare you to.’ And I didn’t think that he actually would.”

Harrison tries to expose Bronte to the rest of the group

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Yet another scandal is set to erupt between Bronte and Harrison. During the MAFS Australia reunion episodes, Harrison attempted to expose Bronte with a handy print out. A few days before the reunion Bronte reached out to the woman who Harrison was supposedly seeing before the show, asking what the nature of their relationship was.

“You don’t have to like me but take Jess out of this, take Harrison out of this, woman to woman. I honestly just want some clarity,” Bronte asked in one of the messages.

“Just a yes or no [to] whether you two were seeing each other for longer than one to two weeks… And did he ask to see you while packing his bags, etc?”

Harrison printed out these messages for the group to see but it just turned into everyone poking fun at the groom and making a paper aeroplane out of the paper.

Melinda overhears Harrison criticising her relationship with Layton

Melinda and Layton are the golden couple of this year’s Married at First Sight Australia, but they still got into a spot of drama. During the girls’ night, Bronte confronted Melinda for saying she was “naive” in her relationship with Harrison.

Melinda sneaks away with Evelyn to take a break from the drama and they end up spying on the boys. As the brides hide behind a bush, they overhear Harrison criticising Layton and Melinda’s relationship.

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“From what I see, some of the behaviour you’ve described to me from Melinda definitely fits the bill of a toxic relationship,” Harrison said.

“I want to see you in a happy, healthy relationship and what you’re describing to me doesn’t sound like that.” Ironically, Melinda and Layton are one of the only two couples who stayed together when filming ended and are said to be happier than ever.

Alyssa and Duncan have a MASSIVE argument

During the retreat, Alyssa and Duncan hit a bump in what seemed a very smooth road. Alyssa wasn’t impressed with the amount of attention she was getting from Duncan and confronted him about it.

She said: “Since we’ve been here, you’ve literally just been with the boys. Duncan said he thought she wanted to spend more time with the girls, but Alyssa was having none of it.

Married at First Sight Australia drama

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“It’s about just checking in on me,” she explained, “Give me attention, I need attention.” Duncan clapped back and said: “If you want to spend time with me you can also come to me.”

Tahnee and Ollie were almost on the rocks!!

Hold onto your hats because this one will shock you. During Married at First Sight Australia unorthodox activity, the couples are forced to swap partners and it severely rocked the boat between Tahnee and Ollie.

An insider told So Dramatic! that the partner swap, which saw Tahnee partner up with Rupert, “upset Ollie”. “Ollie is good friends with Rupert and he felt jealous and was worried Tahnee would like him more,” the source explained. During the commit ceremony following the task, Ollie opened up about his feelings.

Tahnee opened up to the experts and said when she got back from the partner swap, “Ollie was really weird”. Ollie said: “I was completely passive. Not giving her anything, not really talking to her.”

When asked by the experts what was going on with him, Ollie said he became aware of his “insecurities”. He said: “It made me second guess have I done enough as a partner?”

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