From bakers to fitness careers: The Love Island 2023 cast already back at day jobs

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The influencer and brand deal life isn’t for us all. As time goes on the lucrative lifestyle leaving the villa and being bombarded with opportunities is slowly fading, so a lot of the Love Island 2023 cast have already headed back to a day job after the show.

Loads of them had incredible careers before the show – it’s no surprise they weren’t giving them up in a hurry. Here’s a rundown of all the Love Island 2023 cast members who have confirmed the day job has called them back.

Tom Clare

Love Island 2023 cast back at a day job

via Instagram @tomclare__

Before entering the villa, Tom was a pro-footballer, and after the villa, he quickly went back to Macclesfield FC. But not for long! Now, he’s split from Samie AND has ditched the football and gone full-time influencer, starting by following in Tasha’s footsteps and becoming the Love Island ambassador for eBay 2023.

Kai Fagan

via Instagram @kaifagan_

The Love Island 2023 winner himself, and previous teacher Kai, has said nothing can keep him away from his day job. When asked on Instagram if he plans on heading back to teaching, he said: “This is a question that keeps coming up, will I be going back into teaching.

“I still want to carry on working in education in some sort of capacity but hopefully it’ll be around encouraging students into sports participation. That was something I was thinking before Love Island. I still have my qualified teacher status and I can still apply for teaching jobs and go back into it. In the future I know that will be my pathway and yes in the future I will be going back into education in some way.”

Claudia Fogarty

Love Island 2023 cast back at a day job

via Instagram @claudiafogarty

Claudia’s revealed before the villa she decided she wanted a career in fitness, and now she’s left, she’s back to pursuing that dream. She said ahead of Love Island she didn’t want to be an influencer, and instead wanted to inspire people to feel good about themselves.

“I wanted to come out and follow my journey and get to grips with what I want to do,” she said on Instagram. “Fitness has always been a big thing for me and battling with my weight from time to time so I think it’s good to come out there and be a little bit of an inspiration to people, hopefully.”

She added: “I think coming out of something like this [Love Island], it’s nice to kind of help others. Tell people your journey, tell people what you struggle with in life and hopefully reach out to people and inspire people to do the same. I think this platform gives you the chance to reach out to people and tell your story and hopefully help other people out there.”

Keanan Brand

via Instagram @keabrand_

Keanan wasn’t on the show for that long this year, so it’s pretty expected he’d head back to his day job. After six days in the villa, he’s returned to work as a rugby player, with Super League rugby team Leigh Leopards.

“I know that he’s got a speedos tan and a little more hair gel and make-up on,” his head coach told Love Rugby League. Speaking after he left the villa, the coach said Keanan had an injury before he was on the show, but is back in training now.

Will Young

Love Island 2023 cast back at a day job

via Instagram @farmer_will_

I think we’ve all seen that Will has gone straight back to work on the farm. I am LIVING for the videos of Jessie mucking out with him and petting alpacas. I could honestly watch their TikToks all day.

Olivia Hawkins

via Instagram @livhawkinss

Actress Olivia is definitely heading back to her career – and has even announced she’s going to be in the new Fast and Furious film?!

Speaking to The Tab, she said she wants to have a career in comedy after the villa. “Going into Love Island, I always knew that I’d come out and have the exact same career,” she said. “I want to stay in television, stay acting and I’ll just see what comes my way. I would love to do a comedy series.”

Tanyel Revan

via Instagram @tanyelrevan

Ahead of her time in the villa, Tanyel worked at a hair salon in London. Since leaving, she’s posted videos of her working with clients, back at her job.

Tanya Manhenga

Love Island 2023 cast back at a day job

via Instagram @talkswithtt_

Not necessarily a full day job, but Tanya has confirmed she’s going back to the degree she was doing before Love Island 2023. Tanya is currently studying for a biomedical science degree, at Salford University. When asked on Instagram if she’s planning to go back, she said: “I’m definitely going to finish… I don’t start things and don’t finish them.”

Tanya previously said she would be open to opportunities following Love Island, but had also planned to work in embryology, which is working in IVF treatments.

Cynthia Otseh-Taiwo

Cynthia was a baker and dental receptionist before the villa, and two weeks after her Casa stint, posted to say her cakes business, Cynful Treats, is back going. She posted about being open to DMs enquiring about boxes of cakes, sharing a picture of some gorgeous looking cupcakes. I’m in.

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