Editing error in YOU season four on Netflix

Someone’s spotted a huge editing error in YOU season four, and it’s hilarious

Did nobody think to point this out?

Someone on TikTok has pointed out there was a huge editing error during season four of YOU on Netflix. It’s one of the moments that you’ll watch, giggle at, and then wonder how the hell nobody at Netflix spotted this.

The error comes near the start of YOU season four episode seven, and proves someone from the editing team must have taken a day off when putting this part together. We see Joe and Kate taking a stroll through London’s Borough Market eating a cone of chips. All seems well, and another walker in the background seemingly innocently walks around them.

But then, the camera angle changes, and this walker is back, walking past them again. Ummm, what!? Watch it here and keep your eye on the blonde extra behind them:

Look, we all know TV shows film sections over and over again to get the right take, but those continuity bits are meant to be edited out so it’s all smooth for the viewer in the final take! This is two re-shots of them walking through the market being shown to us clear as day.

Loads of people in the comments of the TikTok have found the moment hilarious, but some were too busy paying attention to Kate putting a half-eaten chip back in the cone to notice. Tbh, that was pretty gross.

“I was so focused on her half eating the chip and putting it back that I didn’t notice the mistake,” one person said. Another added: “I genuinely thought the mistake was ‘a British person would never throw their chip back in the bag. We eat them’.” Truth.

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