Madeleine McCann girl one million Instagram followers

Girl who thinks she’s Madeleine McCann hits one million followers on Instagram

This is actually so wild

It’s really got that big – the girl who has said she thinks she could be Madeleine McCann has hit one million followers on Instagram. Yes, one MILLION people are following her journey as she gets a DNA test with the McCann family.

Julia, who is 21 and from Poland, first said she thought she might be Madeleine McCann a few months ago. But last week her claims kicked off when she went on an Instagram live and shared all her “evidence”. She set up her Instagram account, called iammadeleinemccan, in a bid to get the attention of Kate and Gerry McCann – the parents of missing Madeleine.

Well it’s definitely worked, because now everyone has heard her story, someone from the McCann family has agreed to a DNA test, and she’s gained a seven figure following on Instagram.

When The Tab first reported on this story, Julia’s Instagram account had 15k followers. The Tab then spoke to Julia last week, when she had 100k followers on the account. Over the weekend she gained over half a million followers more – sitting at 600k on Monday morning.

She hit one million followers overnight on Tuesday 21st February. Her account has got so big, and requests to speak to her so frequent, Julia now has a representative, too. Her Instagram and email accounts are now managed by Dr Fia Johansson – who has previously claimed Madeleine is alive and living in Germany. Dr Fia is a psychic medium, actress and author who has apparently worked with the US police because she believes Madeleine is alive.

Dr Fia is now the contact for reaching out to Julia and has been doing Instagram live videos alongside her and responding to media requests.

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