Inside the wild Instagram account this girl has dedicated to proving she’s Madeleine McCann

She’s gained half a million followers in two days

In the last few days everyone has been talking about an Instagram account seemingly coming out of nowhere and the girl behind it making the claims she’s Madeleine McCann. The Instagram profile is called “I am Madeleine McCann” and on it, a girl named Julia is sharing all her “evidence”.

Yes, it’s wild. But, what makes it really wild is that the evidence is pretty harrowing. Julia has shared some pretty compelling stuff, and has now claimed her evidence is so interesting, the family of Madeleine have agreed to a DNA test with her.

So what is the Instagram account like? Here’s a look at it.

Julia set up an Instagram called ‘I am Madeleine McCann’ where she shares all her evidence

The first post on the Instagram account dates back to five days ago (Wednesday 15th February), and initially Julia said her purpose was to reach out to Kate and Gerry McCann, and get them to take a DNA test. “Help me, I need to talk with Kate and Gerry McCann I think I can be Madeleine,” her Instagram bio read. “I need DNA test. Police investigators from UK and Poland try to ignore me. I will tell my story in posts here. Help me.”

Since, it’s been reported a family member of the McCanns will be conducting a DNA test, and the bio has changed to read: “Thank you for support! Kate and Gerry McCann agreed for DNA test! 😭❤️”.

The account first went viral following an Instagram live, in which Julia said she is 21-years-old but isn’t sure of her real identity or age. She claimed she has similar spots on her body to Madeleine, who has a spot on her leg, and shared marks on her body that are similar to those Madeleine is known to have.

In the first video, Julia was clearly reading out questions as they come in on the live, and she was asked when she first started thinking she might have been Madeleine McCann. “A few months ago,” she said. “It was something that I heard from my grandma.” She went on to say she tried to get a copy of her birth certificate, but she could only get told information about herself over the phone.

Since the live, she’s shared loads of evidence behind why she thinks she’s Madeleine McCann – this includes physical similarities with Madeleine and Kate and Gerry McCann, her parents making strange comments about her identity, and her earliest childhood memory being a holiday somewhere hot with white apartments.

Julia’s also said she has the same very rare eye condition as Madeleine, coloboma. She also claims she was abused by a paedophile, who she says is responsible for abducting children.

I Am Madeleine McCann Instagram account

Julia’s Instagram highlights, via @iammadeleinemccan

The Instagram account now has over 600k followers

When The Tab first reported on this story, Julia’s Instagram account had 15k followers. The Tab then spoke to Julia last week, when she had 100k followers on the account. Over the weekend she has gained over half a million followers, and the current count sits at over 600k – but it is constantly growing.

In the comments people are really torn with if they believe her or not

As you’d probably expect, people are commenting in their thousands. Some are completely taken aback by Julia’s story, whilst others really don’t believe her.

“I’m sorry but I’m just gonna be completely honest in saying I don’t see any resemblance at all,” one person commented on a side-by-side picture of Julia and Madeleine. “People. I think this lady deserves attention,” another said. Someone else added: “There are many similarities, but DNA needs to be done to eliminate this doubt as soon as possible.”

“The more pictures I see, the more convinced I get, why are the family not looking into this,” another comment says. “Even if it’s just to rule it out. The lengths she is going to…”

In more recent posts, Julia has disabled comments.

On the account, she has shut down people who claim she wants fame from saying she is Madeleine McCann

Speaking on her Instagram about backlash she has received, Julia said she genuinely isn’t trying to go viral, and is posting because she does believe she is Madeleine McCann.

In a post, she said: “Thank you for support that you give me and for haters I have to say that I am not kidding and I truly believe that I can be her. I didn’t take money from anyone and I am not going to do this because police should do DNA test to me and compare it with Kate and Gerry McCann DNA.”

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