Latest: All the evidence viral girl who thinks she’s Madeleine McCann has shared

Her earliest memory is being on holiday ‘in a hot place with white apartments’


In the last few days everyone has been completely taken aback by a 21-year-old girl sharing all the “evidence” she has that she is Madeleine McCann. She’s made a dedicated Instagram to proving herself, and has shared a number of factors as to why she thinks she is the missing girl.

The girl, named Julia, now has over a million followers, and over the weekend made even more bold claims to follow up her initial beliefs as to why she might be Madeleine. These include some physical similarities to Madeline, as well as parts of her childhood which have left her confused about her identity.

Here is a complete rundown of all the evidence the girl who believes she is Madeleine McCann has shared.

Evidence shared by girl who thinks she is Madeleine McCann

via Instagram @iammadeleinemccan

Julia said she has no recollection of her childhood and her first memory is being on a holiday with apartments

Julia said she first started thinking she might have been Madeleine McCann “a few months ago.” In an Instagram live, she said: “It was something that I heard from my grandma.” She went on to say she tried to get a copy of her birth certificate, but she could only get told information about herself over the phone.

She also said she doesn’t remember much about her childhood, and despite believing she is 21, isn’t sure of her real identity or age. “I don’t remember most of my childhood but my earliest memory is very strong and it’s about holidays in hot place where there was a beach and white or very light coloured buildings with apartments,” she said. “I don’t see my family in this memory.”

Madeleine went missing from her family apartment in Praia da Luz, Portugal, in 2007. The apartment she was last seen in, aged three, is white.

She has physical similarities to Madeleine McCann

The main pieces of evidence the girl has shared are a number of physical similarities she shares with Madeleine McCann. She’s claimed she has similar spots on her body to Madeleine, has a spot on her leg, and has the same very rare eye condition as Madeleine, coloboma. Coloboma is an eye condition people are born with – it happens when part of the tissue that makes up the eye is missing.

“I have a mark on the same eye,” Julia said. “I have similar shape of face, ears, lips, and gap between [my] teeth.”

The girl claims she has links to a pedophile who has abducted children

Over the weekend, Julia made claims she was “victim of a German paedophile” who looks similar to pictures shared on the Find Madeleine page. She claims she “confronted with my abuser two weeks ago” and spoke to him about someone “suspected” in Madeleine’s case.

She said she accused him of hurting her and being involved in abducting children, and said his reaction was “very suspicious” and that he was “nervous stressed”.

Her parents have made some strange comments about her claims

Julia told The Tab she has spoken to her family about her beliefs too, but they didn’t want to talk to her about it. “[My] mother didn’t want to talk about it,” she said. “She said the past is in the past and she is not going to talk about the past. She said now is the future and we should focus on the future. My dad said, ‘even if I am not your father will it change anything?’”.

She has posted on her Instagram account multiple times saying she has asked her parents for a DNA test and they have straight up refused to take part in one.

She thinks she looks a lot like Kate and Gerry McCann

As well as having similarities to Madeleine, Julia has a resemblance to her parents, Kate and Gerry McCann. Julia has shared these to Instagram, and has even made videos of her face morphing into Kate and Gerry’s.

She’s made Instagram posts marking all her similar features, including her eyes, ears and smile looking the same.

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