Real parents of girl who thinks she's Madeleine McCann comment

‘She’s setting up a circus’: What parents of girl claiming to be Madeleine McCann have said

‘I’m selling the house and none of us will answer the phone if she calls’

The parents of the girl who has gone viral this week for claiming she might be Madeleine McCann have apparently cut her off and had some harsh words about her claims.

21-year-old Julia took to an Instagram live to share her evidence she might be the missing girl, and has since gained one million Instagram followers on an account dedicated to sharing her proof.

But, her real life parents clearly don’t like what she has to say, and Julia has shared what they’ve said to her since she’s been in the spotlight. She claims her parents have pretty much cut her off, following a member of the McCann family coming forward to do a DNA test with her.

Julia said her parents have called her a ‘horrible person’ and accused her of ‘setting up a circus’

In a video shared to her Instagram account, Julia had shared some messages between herself and her parents, and what they’ve had to say following her claims. She said her family has shunned her, and she’s been left “alone” since all of this happened.

She said her family has called her “not normal” for giving “hope to the McCanns”. She said her family branded her a “horrible person” who they “don’t want to know any more”. She claimed one message from her mother said “you are sick, Julia” and accused her of “setting up a circus”.

Julia said the messages added: “I’m selling the house and none of us will answer the phone if you call, for everything you’ve done and the embarrassment you’ve put me through.”

“My grandma called me,” Julia added. “She said that I’m a very bad person, that she doesn’t want to meet me any more. She started to shout at me.”

Speaking to The Tab, Julia said her parents don’t want to talk about her claims she might be Madeleine McCann

Julia told The Tab she had spoken to her family about her beliefs, but they didn’t want to talk to her about it. “[My] mother didn’t want to talk about it,” she said. “She said the past is in the past and she is not going to talk about the past. She said now is the future and we should focus on the future. My dad said, ‘even if I am not your father will it change anything?’”.

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