Secret unaired fights?! Plus Tanyel wants to go ‘face to face’ with Olivia after the show!

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Up to NINE people are being dumped in the Casa recoupling, which kicks off tonight

Love Island 2023 gossip and updates

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The Casa Amor recoupling starts tonight, and Love Island is set to make history as NINE Islanders are reportedly being dumped. This will be the biggest cull of Islanders there has ever been – the previous record being six at one time.

A source told The Sun: “Reuniting the two villas was explosive – the recoupling will be a real shock. The tension was off the scale – viewers will be really surprised as to who choses who. It’s an unmissable episode.”

In a preview of tonight’s episode, ITV confirmed as the recoupling gets underway Casey is first to be asked to make his decision. Casey admits: “It’s not been an easy decision at all…” Is his connection in Casa Amor stronger than what he had with Claudia?

And as the decisions continue, who is left buzzing, who is left shocked and who is left single?

Two dumped Islanders are going on a date!

Jordan and Zara are dating! Speaking on the Love Island: The Morning After podcast, Jordan said that even though the two didn’t cross paths in the villa, they’ve since been speaking and are going on a date.

“We’ve been speaking,” he said. “She was definitely my top three. We might be meeting up tomorrow, we don’t waste time. I’m meeting up with some of the other Islanders and then on Saturday at the weekend it’s one v one. We’re going to go for a drink in London. I think she’s stunning, she’s beautiful. I like the way she carries herself.”

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Ellie has spilled loads, and said there have been arguments and fights that were cut from the show

Dumped Islander Ellie Spence has said there was loads of drama cut from the show. In a TikTok, she said: “There was a girl divide, there was a boy divide, everyone was feuding. There were arguments like left and right that never got aired and I’m like, this is TV gold.

“I get it’s a dating show and they only have 40 minutes. They can’t show everything but I was there for the drama. So I’m so surprised that none of that got shown. But it makes more sense when you understand like the underlying shit that’s going on in there. And there was a lot of tension.”

She said she will share more details in a YouTube video, so watch this space. 👀

And Tanyel has confirmed one of the unaired fights was between her and Ellie!!

No wonder Ellie seems to know all the gossip about unaired fights – apparently she was in them! Speaking on Closer’s Love Island Secrets, Tanyel was asked if there were any arguments in the villa that viewers weren’t shown and she said: “Actually me and Ellie had quite a big row.”

“One day, there was a conversation with Ellie, Shaq and I think Jessie, and they were talking about Ron and saying they don’t agree with how he’s behaving,” she said. “I just turned around and said to them ‘Listen, I know he goes about things wrong, but I just feel like it’s not any of your lot’s business. Why are you so invested?’”

She continued: “Ellie piped up at me, so later on I went and spoke to her in the dressing room and I literally said to her ‘You are not my friend, I don’t like you,’ I said all these things, I said ‘don’t ever speak to me like that again.’” Yikes!

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Tanyel has said she wants to go ‘face to face’ with Olivia after the show

Um guys – Tanyel has said she’s “pissed off” and wants to go face to face with Olivia after the show?! Speaking about her time on the show, Tanyel has reflected on when Olivia suddenly became interested in Kai, who she was coupled up with.

“I felt like in the end she was just watching how I was moving all the time,” Tanyel told Telly Time. “I was like, ‘Why are you so concerned?’ I would never care what anyone else was doing.” She said she would “shut down” any of the boys who questioned if Olivia was playing a game, and believed she and Olivia were friends.

However, now Tanyel believes it was “one rule for her and another for me” when it came to Olivia. “I have loads of opinions but I don’t want to say too much, I’m happy to but I want to stay true to who I am,” she said. “I want to have a conversation with her face to face, not that I owe it to her because I am actually very pissed off, but I want to have that conversation with her. She ain’t going to like it, what I’ve got to say but it’s something I’ve got to discuss properly with her in detail.”

It’s all kicking off!

There have been more Ofcom complaints made about the show this year

Love Island this year was previously hit with Ofcom complaints that Zara was being bullied in the villa, but now there have been more. In an episode last week, 54 complaints were made, half of which were about Shaq’s behaviour towards Ron. Other complaints were made about how Shaq treated Tanya, and the remainder of the complaints were about Tanyel leaving the villa.

Love Island 2023 gossip and updates

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The air-con has been broken in Casa Amor, lol

Apparently the Islanders have been left “hot under the collar” but not because of the show, but because the air-con in Casa Amor has been broken. According to The Sun, Casa Amor’s air-con was out all weekend, and the cast were “moaning” about it.

An insider said: “On screen things in Casa Amor have been really hotting up. But the villa was also absolutely boiling thanks to an issue with the air-con. It broke on Sunday and while they tried in vain to fix it, it was still broken yesterday.

“Some of the stars were really moaning. The girls especially said their make-up was running and they refused to film for a time until they had cooled off. It is just one of those things and they were assured it would all be fixed by today at some point.”

Greg is apparently the most popular Islander of all time

via Instagram @gregoshea

Step aside Ekin-Su, Molly-Mae, Ovie or Maura – apparently Greg O’Shea is the most popular Islander of all time. In data collected by OnlineCasinos, the 2019 winner came out on top. He was shortly followed by Ovie, Kem and then Dani Dyer. I demand a recount?!

Wayne Lineker is claiming he dated Ekin-Su

Right, Wayne Lineker is claiming he dated Ekin-Su before she was on the show? Honestly, I don’t believe the man, but apparently they met in an empty (suspicious) Nando’s, and because they were the only two people in there, Wayne was able to air drop Ekin-Su his number, and she knew who it was.

He then said in the interview with TikToker Grace Barry that she left the restaurant, and texted him “hi”. They then dated. Sure.

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