The cast of Netflix’s Bling Empire: New York, ranked by their filthy huge net worths

This list makes millionaires look poor


Bling Empire’s Dorothy Wang has moved to The Big Apple, which means one thing and one thing only: The New York spin-off show is here! And as per the original show’s cast, Bling Empire: New York is packed full of people with huge net worths, and we watch them splash the cash and live life wildly.

Just in the first episode of the show, Dorothy Wang is shook that people might actually visit a post office for themselves and not get someone else to do it for them, and she can’t quite believe her eyes when her *personal driver* turns up… but she has to open the car door herself. These are people who know MONEY.

So, let’s get the obvious out the way, and address just how rich this bunch actually are. Here is a ranking of the cast members of Bling Empire: New York, by their huge net worths. Weep.

Nam Laks

Net worth: $100k

Bling Empire: New York cast with the highest net worths

via Netflix

Nam is described as the Blair Waldorf of New York. She’s a student, and was born into a wealthy family. Her father is Thai businessman Nakorn Laksanakarn, who was previously the CEO of Natural Park Public Company Limited. Her family’s net worth is estimated at $100million. Right now, it looks as though her money and lifestyle comes from her family.

Vika Abbyaeva

Net worth: $1.5million

via Netflix

Vika is Richard Chang’s girlfriend, who works in the tech industry and as a model. She works with luxury fashion brands, and her net worth has been estimated as $1.5million.

Richard Chang

Net worth: $2.5million

via Netflix

Richard is the Chief Growth Officer at Hudson Medical + Wellness. According to LinkedIn, he’s also worked as a director of merchandise planning at Calvin Klein and founded a restaurant.

Despite his millionaire status, Richard says on the show he wouldn’t class himself as successful in terms of the money he’s earned. He calls himself and Vika “bling adjacent” compared to the other cast members on the show, like he’s just a normal guy with a normal life. Where does this leave the rest of us then, Richard?

Blake Abbie

Net worth: $3million

Bling Empire: New York cast with the highest net worths

via Netflix

Blake Abbie is a fashion magazine editor and actor. He worked his way up in the industry, first getting a job as an editorial assistant. Nowadays, he’s Editor-at-Large for A Magazine Curated By.

Tina Leung

Net worth: $4million

via Netflix

On the show, Tina is described as a “fashion it girl” who is part of the “Slaysians” – a group of influential Asians in New York City, mostly involved in the fashion world. She is currently working as an influencer, with hopes of becoming a creative director of a fashion brand one day.

Tina did come from money, as her dad produced baby goods, but she was cut off and no longer gets money from him. On the show she explains she became financially independent in her 20s.

Jett Kain

Net worth: $5million

via Netflix

Jett is with Lynn Ban, and the couple married in 1999. He is both her husband and business partner. They made their money after helping restaurant chain Genki Sushi expand from Singapore and Hong Kong, over to the US. They then launched Lynn Ban Jewelry – as Lynn is a designer.

Jett started out in the entertainment industry, working as a reporter and producer for MTV. He’s estimated to be worth $5million.

Lynn Ban

Net worth: $5million

Bling Empire: New York cast with the highest net worths

via Netflix

Lynn Ban works in the jewellery world, as a couture jewellery designer. It casually gets dropped in the show that her clients include Rihanna – no biggie. She was born into a wealthy family, but the majority of her wealth is self-made. As well as Ri, Lynn’s celeb clients include Taylor Swift, Beyoncé and Madonna.

Dorothy Wang

Net worth: $10million

via Netflix

It says on the show Dorothy’s family has a huge net worth of $4billion – yes, billion. She’s moved to New York to “roughen and toughen” herself up, but come on, she’s still so glam and sheltered it hurts. We see her gorgeous Chelsea loft, which isn’t exactly screaming rough or tough, and is instead laced with countless designer bags.

Dorothy definitely comes from money – her parents are Roger and Vivine Wang, and 75-year-old Roger is extremely successful in business. But, Dorothy isn’t badly off on her own – she has a net worth of $10million, from her own career.

She has been on a couple of other reality TV shows, has worked in real estate, and launched her own jewellery line. She rose to fame on The Rich Kids Of Beverly Hills – appearing on the show from 2014 to 2016. She was also on Famously Single from 2016 to 2017. She has a million Instagram followers, and does some branded work too.

Stephen and Deborah Hung

Net worth: $2billion

Bling Empire: New York cast with the highest net worths

via Netflix

Sitting pretty at the top of the Bling Empire: New York cast net worths list is the Hungs. Deborah says herself she’s the “Queen of New York” and she’s not wrong. Deborah and Stephen Hung are New York socialites and Stephen is a businessman, and founder and chairman of SH Capital Group. He is also vice chairman of Rio Hotel & Casino in Macau, China.

Deborah is a trained lawyer, but then met Stephen who said he then “never let her go”. She has since become a successful model and runs her own modelling agency. The couple lives on Billionaires’ Row in New York, and are definitely right at home there.

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