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All the names Molly-Mae has hinted she’s chosen for her baby girl after giving birth

‘I’ve had it picked out for years and years!’


After Molly-Mae and Tommy Fury finally announced the happy news that they’d welcomed their first child together on Monday night, fans have gone into overwhelming overdrive trying to guess what Molly and Tommy have named their daughter.

“There was only ever one name for her. I’ve had it picked out for years and years!” Molly told her followers on Instagram in a recent Q&A. “Luckily Tommy loved it too (even if he hadn’t I would’ve had to talk him round because like I say, there was only one ever name she was having.”

And it turns out Molly has been dropping some pretty heavy clues about her daughter’s name throughout her pregnancy. So, here are all the baby names Molly-Mae has hinted to have chosen before giving birth that fans seriously think might be correct:


As per the latest social media theory, fans are convinced Molly Mae’s daughter is called Bambi. “I know the name,” claimed one person online. “Somebody I know who is close to Mollys managers family or something knows the name. It’s Bambi.” Meanwhile a second person added: “It’s Bambi apparently.” 

Molly’s manager’s family’s friend’s friend is a pretty convoluted source. But you never know. The rumour mill spins fast. 


During the Baby Challenge in the Love Island villa, Molly and Tommy had a chat about what she wanted to name their daughter.  “I quite like the name Maya,”Molly revealed, before joking: “Short for mayonnaise.”  Molly has previously told her fans they’ll either love or hate the name she’s chosen for her first child. But surely she’s not gone for Mayonnaise…


Molly has said she hasn’t seen “any other girls” with the name that she’s chosen for her daughter. And one Instagram by her nursery designer Neo Home seems to have given away the unique name: Halo.

In the post, the interior designer shows off a seriously plush nursery with herringbone flooring, a grey sofa, and a neon white sign that says “Halo” above the cot. That seems like a serious indication.


Everyone has a favourite emoji and fans are convinced Molly’s most frequently used might actually be what she’s naming her first born child: Cloud.

“It’s super unusual, super different, nobody will guess it because it’s not really a name,” Molly has previously said about her daughters name. And, when people started guessing her child’s name was Cloud, she said she thought it was “cute” and posted this cryptic TikTok:


☁️☁️☁️i just think its cute. #fyp

♬ original sound – szasgrandchildren


Short for Florence, some fans reckon Molly will pull a Kardashians power move and name all of her children something beginning with F to continue the Fury family empire. Florence Fury, Freya Fury, Francesca Fury. You get the gist.

Penelope Luna Tommy (PLT)

Probs the most unhinged theory out there, loads of Molly Mae fans think she’s actually going to name her baby after Pretty Little Thing with a triple barrelled name like Penelope Luna Tommy. Tbf, there have been weirder celebrity names than that before.

Featured image credit via Instagram @mollymae

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