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The horrifying voice notes Andrew Tate sent the woman who accused him of rape

‘I f**king loved how much you hated it’


TW: Sexually aggressive messages. Mentions of assault. 

Andrew Tate was accused of rape long before he built his misogynistic empire. In 2015, a year before he was welcomed into the Big Brother house as a contestant, Tate was arrested in London on suspicion of sexual assault and physical abuse after claims were made by two separate women. A third woman in the UK has now revealed she also accused Tate of rape— and gave voice notes and messages to the police that appear to prove it.

“Am I a bad person? Because the more you didn’t like it the more I enjoyed it,” Tate said to the women in a voice note obtained by Vice. “I fucking loved how much you hated it. It turned me on,” he continued. “Why am I like that? Why?”

Andrew then went on to claim in the voice messages that he only strangled the woman a “little bit” and that she should “chill the fuck out” about the alleged assault. He also sent her messages that read: “I love raping you,” and “Monsters are monsters. When ur under my control, I do whatever I please.”

“You didn’t like that I was thinking I can do whatever I want to you,” Tate said in another voice note published by Vice. “That’s what it is. I’m the smartest person on this fucking planet.”

After reporting the incident to the police, using the audio files and messages as evidence, the woman was told charges wouldn’t be brought against Tate because there was “an ounce of doubt” in her case, per Vice.

The horrifying voice notes and texts Tate sent one of the three women who’ve accused him of rape in the UK have been released just one day after he was denied release from the Romanian jail where he’s currently being held amid a sex trafficking investigation into him and his brother Tristan.

Vice reports that the woman who received the voice notes from Tate met him in 2009 and started dating him in 2013. The first night she went to his apartment, she told the Vice his mood drastically changed when she told him she didn’t want to have sex that night. She alleged that Tate had strangled and raped her, asking “who do you belong to?”

After that, the woman told Vice that she never saw Tate in person again.But she claimed he kept in contact by sending her a clip of him snapping a baseball bat against his shin and sending more voice notes that said: “I am one of the most dangerous men on this planet,” Tate said in the video. “Sometimes you forget exactly how lucky you were to get fucked by me.”

The woman reported the alleged assault six months later and was contacted by the police about her case in 2015, at which point she gave them her phone with all of the text and voice notes from Tate on it. However, by 2019, The Crown Prosecution Service had decided not to bring charges against Tate for any of the accusations made by any of the three women.

A representative from the CPS told The Tab: “In this case, we carefully reviewed all the evidence provided by the police regarding each complainant and concluded it did not meet our legal test, and there was no realistic prospect of a conviction. We sent a letter to each complainant explaining our decision not to charge.

“We acknowledge the bravery of everyone who comes forward and want them to be confident that their case will be prosecuted whenever our legal test is met.”

The Tab has contacted Andrew Tate’s representatives for comment.

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