Ginny and Georgia season two memes

Whether you’re team Ginny or Georgia, enjoy these 21 memes about season two

Somehow Max is even more annoying

Ginny and Georgia made its return to Netflix with season two of the comedy drama, picking up two weeks after the first season ended. As Ginny and Austin return home to Georgia after living with Zion for two weeks, the family’s relationship is more strained than ever. As Ginny begins navigating school life again and her relationship with Marcus, fans have been having their say on the series and their thoughts are more wild and accurate than ever. So whether you’re a Ginny sympathiser or Team Georgia, enjoy these 21 memes about season two of Ginny and Georgia”

1. Sorry not sorry x

2. Tomato tomato tomato!


4. Ugh so wholesome

5. That’s a queen right there x

6. That was cinema

7. And what about it?

8. Loool

9. It really isn’t that deep

10. Legends

11. Never forget

12. STOP!

13. He was so real for that

14. Zero sense

15. Too much!

16. There is really no need


18. It’s a wrap

19. Joe and Georgia for the win

20. Give it to me now



Season two of Ginny and Georgia is available to watch on Netflix now. For all the latest Netflix news, drops and memes like The Holy Church of Netflix on Facebook. 

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