Ginny and Georgia season one recap

All the key moments you need to remember from season one of Ginny and Georgia

Hunter’s tap dancing will haunt me for the rest of my days

Season one of Ginny and Georgia ended one a massive cliffhanger and it’s fair to say fans are relieved that season two is right around the corner. The first season left off with Ginny and Austin running away from their new lives, but so much went on that is key to remember for the new season which is just days away. There are key moments that everyone can remember, like Hunter’s awful tap dancing and his truly evil video he sent to Ginny, but they aren’t all that important. So if you’re in need of a crash course of everything that happened before you binge watch the new season, here’s a Ginny and Georgia season one recap:

Ginny, Georgia and Austin all move to Wellsbury, Massachusetts

Season one of Ginny and Georgia begins with the family uprooting their lives to Wellsbury, Massachusetts after Georgia’s husband’s sudden death. Ginny isn’t too keen on their move as they have been living in various cities across the US for most of her life, but she soon becomes quick friends with Maxine.

Ginny and Georgia season one recap

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Ginny gets close to Maxine’s brother, Marcus, while dating Hunter

As Ginny adjusts to her life in Wellsbury, she becomes friends with Maxine’s twin brother Marcus, and begins to have feelings for him. While they get close, Ginny starts to date Hunter and eventually cheats on him and it’s a mess when everybody finds out.

Georgia began getting close to the mayor and they get in engaged

Georgia began working at the mayor’s office and while working there she falls for mayor Paul. Their relationship raised some eyebrows but despite this, they quickly get engaged. Their family photo was too cringe to even think about.

Ginny and Georgia season one recap

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Georgia reconnects with Joe, who she met 15 years before

During Georgia’s romance with mayor Paul, Georgia becomes friends with the local cafe owner, Joe. Joe and Georgia had previously met 15 years before while they were at the same rest stop when they were teenagers.

Ginny finds out from a private investigator that Georgia killed her step-dad

Throughout the season, Ginny and Georgia’s relationship becomes even more strained after a private investigator reveals to Ginny that Georgia killed Kenny. It’s with this information that Ginny soon realises that her mother isn’t as sweet as she makes out to be.

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Austin found out the letters from his dad were fake and Ginny posted them

While Georgia is at the celebration for Paul’s mayoral re-election, Ginny and her little brother Austin run away after they discover that Georgia lied about his father sending letters to Austin. In actual fact, Georgia kept the letters and forged replies to Austin. Season one ended with Ginny and Austin running away from home, possibly on their way to Ginny’s father’s home in Boston.

Season two of Ginny and Georgia drops on Netflix on Thursday 5th January 2023. For all the latest Netflix news, drops and memes like The Holy Church of Netflix on Facebook. 

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