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People are trying to draw Shrek from memory and the results are harrowing

A green blob does not an ogre make

Despite the best efforts of The Guardian, the world is in a Shrek era. After the ogre adoration poured out from across the globe yesterday as we all celebrated Shrek’s 20th birthday, no one can get enough of the king of the swamp.

How many times do you reckon you’ve watched Shrek? 10? 20? 342? Probably a lot. So how would you fare if someone told you to stop what you were doing and draw Shrek from memory? Right now. Without looking.

Well, if Twitter’s anything to go by, probably badly.

Dreamworks Pictures Presents: I Am Onion

It all started after the above tweet gained some traction and everyone decided that the best way to spend their Monday nights was to produce some cursed sketches of Far Far Away’s most noteworthy ogre and his pals.

Here’s some of the best attempts. Or worst, depending on your perspective.

1. Why are the feet so dominant, may I ask?

2. This has first time using Snapchat in 2013 energy

3. Why does he look so old and tired!?

4. This is a Donkey hate crime

5. Onion prop is a nice touch

6. The Mike Myers character fusion we didn’t know we needed

7. Sorry but this is cheating

8. A somber, haunting and pensive Shrek

9. An evil fur collar and feet bigger than his head

10. A mesmerising art installation that could be stared at for hours

11. This is a Covid spore

12. A green pen might be a good start

13. Don’t do Shrek dirty like that

14. Looks like it’s from that book in primary school you’d do everything in your power not to read

15. Why is this so human I hate it

16. Can someone tell this person that Shrek wasn’t played by Peter Kay

17. This is my sleep paralysis demon

18. Applaud the edible attempt but that’s literally the pigs from Angry Birds

19. This is quite accurate actually


All pens must be confiscated immediately.

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